Big scale long service life 400,000 tons per year animal poultry livestock feed production plant project

Region: China
Big scale long service life 400,000 tons per year animal poultry livestock feed production plant project

With the acceleration of the transformation and upgrading of traditional animal husbandry in Hainan Province to modern animal husbandry, the enhancement of core competitiveness and the realization of sustainable and healthy development, the aquaculture industry has become more and more important, and as the main product of the aquaculture industry-feed, The demand has also become larger and larger. The demand for feed in the aquaculture industry is far greater than the supply. Taking advantage of this business opportunity, the client of this project invested 120 million yuan to build a 400,000-ton-a-year livestock and poultry feed making project. The large project is located in the Economic Development Zone of Hainan Province.

This 400,000 tons per year large animal feed processing plant for livestock & poultry feed is located in the southern triangle of Economic Development Zone, Hainan Province. The total investment of the project is 120 million yuan, covering an area of ​​40003m², with a total construction area of ​​about 54934m². The main construction content includes production workshops, silos, offices, etc., as well as supporting public works and environmental protection projects.

This multi purpose 400,000 tons per year feed mills for poultry and livestock will set up 5 compound animal poultry livestock feed production lines with a production capacity of 15t/h, with output of 400,000 tons per year livestock and poultry feed production.

The general layout of the large scale 400,000 tons per year fully automatic poultry livestock feed production plant project is based on the principles of simplicity and convenience. The project has 1 entrance and exit, located on the south side of the project, facing the planned road, which is convenient for the transportation of raw materials and finished products; the project office and living building is located on the left side of the entrance and exit, which is convenient for people to enter and exit; the production workshop is located in the middle of the plant plot, and the batching warehouse is located in the northeast of the plot angle. It can be seen that each department of the project is set up compactly to facilitate the transfer of logistics.

Machine for making feed for chicken and cattle in 400,000 tons per year large capacity animal livestock poultry feed pellet processing plant:

Number Feed Equipment name Equipment modelUnit Quantity Remarks
1.Raw material receiving and cleaning system
1 Bucket elevator SSTQ50/28 5 Self-cleaning
2 scraper conveyor machine SSG32 4 High strength and wear resistance
3 Primary cleaning QLY100 4 /
4 Pulse bag dust collector BLMa27 4 /
5 Permanent magnet cylinder TCXT30 6 Single point high efficiency dust removal
2.Feed crushing 
1 Animal feed crushing machine SFP70x100 5 Large crushing room
2 Pulse bag dust collector BLMa72 5 Single point high efficiency dust removal
3 Screw conveyor SSLU32 5 With closed air device
4 Bucket elevator SSTQ40/23 5 Self-cleaning
3.Feed batching and mixing
1 Spiral distributor FPX4,6,10,12 9 Precise positioning, self-cleaning
2 Ingredients bins / 54 /
3 Automatic batching scale 3 ton per batch 5 Automatic weighing
4 Grease adding system / 3 /
5 Double shaft paddle animal feed mixer HHJS6 3 Efficient mixing
6 Bucket elevator SSTQ60/33 3 Self-cleaning
4.Feed pelletizing 
1 Poultry livestock feed pellet making machine SZLH series 5 Automatic control
2 Pellet Cooler LQNY28x28,LQNY24x24 5 /
3 Poultry feed crumbler PS210*140*2 4 Four rollers evenly crushed
4 Bucket elevator SSTQ40/23 5 Self-cleaning
5 Grading screener SFJH150X2C,3C 5 /
6 Vibrating screener TQLZ150×200 5 /
5.Packing section
1 Automatic packaging machine LCS-50-BZ 5 /
2 Belt conveyor sewing machine GK35 5 /
3 Cyclone BLMy36 1 Collection dust
6.Other auxiliary systems
1 Grease adding equipment / 3 Grease adding equipment
2 Liquid adding system / 3 Liquid adding system
3 Air compression system 10 cubic meters per minute 3 /
7.Green facilities
1 Exhaust Cleaning process-pulse dust collector 4 /
2 Feeding process-pulse dust collector 4 /
3 Batching bin-pulse dust collector 9 /
4 Crushing process-pulse dust collector 5 /
5 Cooling and crushing process-high-efficiency cyclone dust collector 5 /
6 Packing process-pulse dust collector 1 /
7 Canteen process-oil fume purifier 1 /
8 Factory boundary dust online monitoring equipment 1 /
9 Water mist dust collector 2 /
10 Waste water Three-stage septic tank, three-stage grease trap 1 /
11 Solid waste Hazardous waste storage room, trash can 1 /
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