Commercial 10,000 tons per year pig animal feed processing plant project in China

Region: China
Commercial 10,000 tons per year pig animal feed processing plant project in China

This is a commercial compound pig animal feed processing plant with the capacity of 10,000 tons per year that can operate 24 hours per day with trouble-free operation.

The commercial 10,000 tons per year pig pellet feed production project has been completed and put into production in September 2018. The project has been completed and put into production and has been operating normally. Two pig feed production lines have been set up. The feed products include compound premix feed, concentrated feed and pellet feed, with an annual output of about 10,000 tons. 

On October 31, 2018, the construction unit obtained a pig feed production license issued by the Department of Agriculture of Hainan Province, China. The project covers an area of ​​1200m² and a building area of ​​2200m². It has 2 pig feed lines and an annual production of 10,000 tons of pig feed. The products include compound premixed feed, concentrated feed and pellet feed. The output of compound premixed feed is 4000t/a, concentrated The feed output is 4000t/a, and the pellet feed output is 2000t/a.

The main construction content of the 10000t/a easy to use pig feed mill plant project mainly includes raw material warehouse, production workshop, batching room, finished product warehouse and packaging material warehouse. This project only crushes and mixes qualified finished materials such as soybean meal, rapeseed meal, fish meal, bone meal, etc. to obtain pre-mixed feed and concentrated feed. Pellet feedcan be obtained by pelleting after crushing and mixing. The content of project construction can be divided into main project, public auxiliary project and environmental protection project from the perspective of construction nature.

This annual output of 10,000 tons pig feed making plant project operates 300 days a year, with 7 staff members; there is 1 shift per day, each working 8 hours, and the staff do not have food and lodging in the project area.

1.Cost of establishing 10000t/a pig animal feed processing plant

The total investment of the project is 800,000 USD, and the environmental protection investment accounting for 6% of the total investment.

2.The complete process flow of the project:

Preliminary cleaning and screening of raw materials-Raw material crushing-Batching and mixing-(Pelleting)-Cooling-Screening-Packing

3.Annual output of 10,000 tons pig feed mill equipment

Pig feed equipment name Model QTY
Feeding hopper and fence / 2
Pulse bag dust collector LNGM18A 2
Fan / 2
Scraper conveyor TGSU20 2
Bucket elevator TDTG36/28 2
Rotating sieve SFJH100 1
Pulse bag dust collector (including lower bucket) TBLMY15 1
Impeller shutter TGFY16 1
Powder cleaning screen SQLY60 1
Permanent magnet cylinder TCXT25 2
Distributor TFPX8-200/TFPX8-250 /
To be crushed bin / 4
Buffer bucket / 2
Impeller feeder TWLY20×80/TWLY25×44 /
Micro pulverizer
Settlement chamber / 2
Pulse bag dust collector LNGM18A 2
High pressure fan 5-48-11No5c 2
Material seal auger TLSSF322 2
Self-cleaning fast hoist TDTGq40/28/TDTGq50/28 /
Distributor TFP×8 2
Pig feed hammer mill machine SFSP132*50 1
Ingredient warehouse group / 20
Batching scale 1500KG/批、1000KG/批 /
Liquid adding machine TBLMb4 1
Double shaft high efficiency pig animal feed mixer SLHY7 1
Buffer / 1
Scraper conveyor TGSU20 1
Self-cleaning fast hoist TDTGq50/28 1
Cone powder sieve SCQZ90×80×110 1

Permanent magnet cylinder
TCXT30 1
Pig feed pellet making machine SZLH350 1
Feeder MUWL420 1
Single layer conditioner MUTZ600JC 1
Wind shut SGFY36/GF12 /
pig pellet cooler SLNF14×14 1
Cyclone Φ1200 1
Cooling fan 4-72-11No8c 1
Pellet crumbler MUSL30*180 1
Self-cleaning fast hoist TDTGq40/28 1
Scraper conveyor TGSU20 1
Rotary classification screener SFJH130×3C 1
Finished product warehouse / 3
Vibrating grading screen SFJZ100*2 1
Packing scale 5KG/P 2
Belt feeding double bucket packaging scale PSC50 1
Pulse bag dust collector LNGM18A 1
Fan / 1

Laboratory testing equipment
/ 4
Laboratory scale / 2
Near infrared detector / 3
Automatic protein detector / 3

Automatic fat detector
/ 3
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