Richi Machinery Over 20 Projects Are Under Construction

Richi Machinery Over 20 Projects Are Under Construction

In the midst of COVID-19 pandemic that has brought lockdown and labor shortage in most parts of the world, RICHI MACHIENRY has no issues in project construction in all continents.

It has successfully proceeded over 20 construction projects for local and international customers who have make investments in this region since the beginning of February, including feed mills and grain storage silos for 10 tons per hour customized wood chip pellet production line in the United States, 10t/h feed premix plant in Thailand, 1-2t/h feed pellet producing line in Belgium, 2t/h manufacturing plant for animal feed in Poland, 5-6 tons per hour organic fertilizer pellet line in Pakistan, 3-5t/h turn-key pellet plant in Uzbekistan, 3-5 tons per hour feed manufacturing line in New Zealand, small scale farm animal feed pelletizing line plant in Philippines, etc.

Ensuring food safety, food security and nutrition is more important than ever in these challenging time, especially for the populations in the developing countries.Our customers and their normal operations weight a lot in providing safe and sustainable foods and livelihoods security during the epidemic and in the recovery of local economies.

As a reliable and trusted partner of local industries, we are now more focused than ever on ensuring that our customers can get the service they need at these troubled times,and we are taking every effort to ensure their construction plans continue at where local regulations allow.

In order to best serve the interests of its customers and provide the most accurate experience for users, RICHI has made a quick response to the lockdown and travel restriction that starting from early February in the following months.

In order to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 and the lack of engineering support from the headquarters due to travel restriction, RICHI entered into cooperation agreements with some successful local engineering and service teams in each country it operates.

The successful project delivery during pandemic is also attributed to RICHI's unique, well-proved and standardized Flawless Project Delivery (FPD) system and the strictly implementing of hygiene standards and contagion prevention rules on construction sites. With the execution and management guidelines of FPD system, local partners are capable to install and construct project on schedule and per standard.

As an important link of local agri-food supply chain, RICHI commits to fighting against COVID-19 and going through this hard time together with customers, partners and communities.And we will try our best to mobilize all available resources to provide assistance and help the feed industry recover from the pandemic.

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