Why is the feed mildew? 

1. Reason:

(1) Rain, improper storage, and damp feed

(2) The temperature difference between the grain temperature and the room temperature is large (greater than 5℃), pay attention to the vertical silo corn in winter

(3) The wall-hanging material of the equipment and the waste material of the granulator are mixed into the finished product   

(4) The processing method of return material is incorrect.

2. Solution:

(1) In rainy days, storage and transportation of pads and thatch shed cloth;   

(2) Store in a cool, dry place for customers;  

(3) Adjust the cooling air volume and cooling time to ensure the cooling effect;  

(4) Clean the equipment (mixer, cooler, granulator) regularly and regularly;  

(5) Dispose of the returned granular material reasonably, re-granulate it and return it to the machine after crushing. It is strictly forbidden to mix it into the finished product directly.  

(6) Ventilate and check the corn in the silo regularly.

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