What should I do if the ingredients are incorrect, the ingredients of the premix, and the incorrect delivery? 

1. Reason:

(1) The production plan is large, chaotic, heavy workload, efficiency is pursued, quality is neglected;   

(2) New employees are on the job, lack of training, unclear understanding of small materials, lack of quality awareness, lack of sense of responsibility;   

(3) The quality control supervision service is not in place, and the blind spots and blind spots of quality control;

(4) Raw material chain warehouse (the material level device is not in place or human error), and the ingredients are distorted;   

(5) Input errors in formula execution, not paying attention to accidents, and concealing the truth.  

2. Solution:

(1) Choose candidates with strong executive power and sense of responsibility: stable candidates, timely training, improve quality awareness, concealing and not reporting major quality accidents, and not tolerating;   

(2) Strengthen supervision and increase the frequency of random inspections (without supervision, there will be no execution);  

(3) Strengthen process management (do things right): check, record, rectify, execute, and review.

(4) Set up warehouse workers to manually control batching errors.

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