Why add salt to the chicken diet?

Salt can improve the palatability of diets, promote appetite, and increase feed utilization. If there is insufficient salt in the chicken's diet, it will cause loss of appetite and digestive disorders, slow growth of the chicks, pecking addiction, and the weight and egg weight of the laying hens will decrease, and the egg production rate will decrease. The salt content of the chicken's diet should be 0.37% to 0.5%, and the dosage must be accurate. When formulating diets, the salt content of animal feed should be considered, and then the amount of supplementary salt should be determined.

For example, when salted fish meal is used in the diet, its salt content must be analyzed first, otherwise excessive salted fish meal will often cause salt poisoning. Chlorine and sodium elements exist in the body fluids, soft tissues and eggs of the chicken body, which can maintain the acid-base balance of the chicken body, maintain the balance of osmotic pressure between cells and blood, and keep the chicken body tissues with a certain amount of water.

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