What is the secondary powder used for feed

1. Definition of secondary fans:

The part between flour and bran can be purchased by flour mills; the production process and nutritional properties of secondary flour are also called black flour, yellow flour, lower or third-class flour, etc., which are obtained by grinding various flours with wheat seeds as raw materials One of the by-products.

2. Origin of the name

The reason why it is called "sub-powder" refers to the poor taste when provided for human consumption, but it does not mean that the nutritional value is low. Sub-flour and wheat bran are both by-products of flour processing. Due to different processing techniques, different milling levels and different bran yields, the content of sub-flour varies greatly. There are as many as 8 types of by-products of wheat flour in the United States, and large bran in Japan. , Small bran, flour bran and powdered flour 4 kinds of products. There is a product called "wheat middling" in Taiwan Province of China, which is a powdery by-product of the final milling process of a flour mill. It contains a small amount of fine bran, germ and flour, and the crude fiber content does not exceed 4%.

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