How to prepare high-quality duck feed?

Ducks often suffer from vitamin D deficiency, which is caused by insufficient vitamin D supply in the diet or insufficient sunlight exposure. Therefore, it is necessary to add cod liver oil or vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, etc. to duck feed.

Laying ducks generally lay eggs in the early morning. Therefore, laying ducks must maintain a high blood calcium concentration in the early morning, otherwise they will produce abnormal eggs and even reduce egg production. When preparing feed for laying ducks, stone powder and shell powder should be used as calcium source feed.

Feed ingredients and prepared feed should be stored in a ventilated, dark, and dry place to prevent the fat in the feed from being oxidized. A layer of moisture-proof material should be placed between the feed and the ground to prevent hardening and mildew of the feed. In addition, the feed bank should pay attention to preventing pests and rodents.

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