I want to do fish farming. I heard that the location of aquaculture is very important. How should I choose a breeding site?

The selection of aquaculture farm site should mainly consider the topography, soil, water source, environment, transportation, power and other conditions.

1. The choice of terrain. It is best to choose a plot that is convenient for self-irrigation and drainage, and the ground slope is less than 2.5% to build the pond. Sites prone to flooding are not suitable for construction.

2. The choice of soil. The ideal soil for pond construction is loam. Because it has low water permeability, strong water retention, and moderate soil quality. Nutrients are not easy to lose, good aeration, conducive to the decomposition of organic matter, the natural bait in the pond is the easiest to reproduce, the pond water is easy to fertilizer, and it is the soil with good coordination of water, fertilizer, air and heat conditions. Followed by clay. Sand and silt are not suitable for construction.

3. The choice of water source. The water supply of the water source should be sufficient, and special attention should be paid to maintaining a certain amount of water in the dry season. The water quality of the water source should be fresh and pollution-free, and the water quality should comply with the "Fishery Water Quality Standard".

4. The choice of environment. There is no pollution from industry or livestock and poultry in the surrounding environment, and the environment is quiet. The sunshine should be sufficient, which is conducive to the increase of the water temperature of the aquaculture water and the growth of fish.

5. Traffic conditions. The transportation should be convenient for the transportation of seedlings, feed and products.

6. Power conditions. There must be a power supply that can meet the production power of aerators, bait feeders, pumps and other breeding machinery and the daily power of management personnel. Only with electricity can the development of high-density intensive cultivation and good benefits be achieved.

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