Regarding broiler breeding, is there anything that needs attention in terms of hygiene?

How often do we usually clean up chicken manure? Some are 3 days, and there are 1-2 days. In summer, it is best to clean up chicken manure once a day. Because the chicken manure has a fermentation process in the chicken house, a lot of heat is generated during fermentation, and the high outside temperature can easily cause heatstroke in the chicken.

Clean the water tank and material trough frequently to keep it clean and hygienic.

One of the most important aspects of hygiene management is the disinfection of chickens. In the usual disinfection with chickens. Because the ingredients of the disinfectant are not known, it is easy to cause damage to the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract of chickens, causing diseases such as mycoplasma, E. coli, and Newcastle disease. Therefore, there is a lot of controversy regarding the disinfection of chickens, but if you choose a good disinfectant, you can disinfect them. Because there are both pros and cons for a thing, there are pros and cons, as long as the pros outweigh the cons, it is feasible.

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