Why Make Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) Pellets?

Some people may wonder that why not burn the palm shells or palm fiber directly in the boilers? Below is the reason of making palm kernel shell pellets.

1.Low moisture to improve burning effectiveness.

2.PKS Pellets have high energy content than row PKS Materials.

3.The calorific of pelletized palm kernel shell is about 4200~4900 cal/kg.

4.The production of PKS Pellets can ease environment pressure and ease energy pressure by replacing coal fuel.

5.Pelletizing makes it clean to use and convenient to store and transport.

6.Suitable for pellet stove, industrial biomass boiler, biomass power plant, centralize steam boiler house hold BBQ rack, and so on.

About how to produce palm shell pellets,please visit https://www.richimachinery.com/solution/palm-shell-pellet-line.html

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