What types of silos are available in your company?

The silos are widely used in the feed industry. Their function is to receive, store, unload, dump, and indicate the level of bulk materials. It balances the production process, ensures continuous production, saves manpower, and improves mechanization. . The classification of silo can be divided into raw material warehouse, intermediate warehouse and finished product warehouse according to its purpose. Raw material warehouses include silos and house-type warehouses, circular warehouses, rectangular warehouses (including square) and polygonal warehouses.

1. Circular warehouses, including compartmental cylindrical warehouses, are mostly used for the storage of raw materials and finished products, and are also used as intermediate warehouses. It has good strength and high volume utilization.

2. Rectangular warehouse or square warehouse, its characteristic is that it can be connected to the wall, save steel, and make full use of its space. Mostly used for batching warehouse.

3. Polygonal warehouse with six sides and eight sides, and can also be connected, but the structure is more complicated and the application is less.

The following are few pictures of large-scale animal feed mill factory with silos that RICHI has done:

Big capacity Animal mash and pellet feed production line project 20 30 40 ton per hour

30t/h large scale turnkey project feed factory project for sale

60t/h Large capactity feed production project turnkey project feed factory

100 ton per hour complete animal feed factory project big project

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