Can green feed be fed to geese?

1. The green feed should be fed on-the-spot, and appropriate preparation before feeding, such as washing, shredding, beating, etc., to facilitate the geese to eat and digest. The remaining green grass slurry cannot be fed to the geese to prevent nitrite poisoning.

2. When using green feed, the nutrient content and digestibility changes in different growth periods should be considered, and timely cutting should be achieved. In addition, the green feed has a large water content, and some concentrated feed should be properly matched when feeding the geese.

3. It is not advisable to feed too much leguminous forages with a lot of saponin, because too much saponin will inhibit the growth of goslings. Do not feed more oxalic green feed, such as spinach, beet leaves, etc., to prevent goslings from suffering from rickets or paralysis, and to prevent the goose from laying thin or soft-shelled eggs.

4. When grazing or collecting green feed, you should understand the characteristics of green feed and the conditions of the growing place. It is strictly forbidden to collect green feed or graze in the vegetable fields or grassland where there are poisonous or freshly sprayed pesticides to prevent goose poisoning.

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