What are the main differences between RICHIi's single-shaft twin ribbon mixer and twin-shaft paddle mixer?

The working principle of the single-shaft double-spiral belt mixer is that the two endless belts advance towards each other to form a kneading mixture and crush the small oil masses in the material. The mixing uniformity of RICHI's double ribbon mixer is ≥93%, and the mixing time is 3~5 minutes per batch;

The operating mode of the double-shaft paddle mixer is that the two paddles lift the materials together under the same particle size to mix them in the air. This working principle will not affect the materials, and the mixing uniformity is ≥95%; The double paddle mixer produced by RICHI has a short mixing time, generally between 45-60 seconds/batch, with less residue and high efficiency. Of course, compared to the double ribbon mixer, the price will be relatively higher.

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