What are the characteristics of the impeller de-ironing feeder produced by RICHI? If it encounters a hard object, can the cylinder and the hard object automatically retreat?

The impeller iron-removing feeder produced by RICHI adopts variable frequency speed regulation to feed, so that the feed grinder is always in full load working state, the feed inlet is set offset, and the cylinder body can automatically withdraw when encountering hard materials to avoid damage to the rotor or cause hold-up . The discharging port is equipped with an iron removing device to feed evenly, maximizing the efficiency of the crusher and extending the service life of the hammer and screen.

It is so tired to deal with the fodder left after my livestock have eaten, and the fodder powder is also bought with money, I don’t want to waste it, what I can do?
Why do my cattles and sheeps grow so slow? I have fed them so much fresh hay?
My storehouse is full of pasture, but it is still not enough for feeding my cattle and sheep through the whole winter; while processing the pasture, it is full of dust. How can I deal with this problem?
Please find picture of Babool & report of our raw material, the diameter of our raw material is from 12 mm to 40 mm.We have land where we can built wear hose,we want to run 20 hours in day.
I am intrested in full biomass pelletizing plant for manufactuing wood pellets,with capacity 60 tonne per day,raw material is Babool ( waste agriculture),please give us the list of machinery required with its price,your price should include the cost of er