After the ingredients are finished, there will often be residues in the silo, which leads to manual hammering of the silo body, which is very troublesome. Will this happen to the silo of RICHI?

No, the silo of Richi Machinery adopts an enlarged gate with an inclined angle of 45° at the conical bottom of the silo, which can increase the cross-sectional area of ​​its bottom and make it difficult to accumulate materials. A vibration device is installed on the outside of the bottom. After the material is prepared, it is directly operated in the central control room to vibrate with a relatively uniform force. Use a leather hammer to beat. Because the beat is uneven, it is easy to deform the cone bottom of the silo after a long time, leaving more residue and time-consuming and labor-intensive.

I'm interested in your product Latest price of floating fish feed pellet machine, catfish food extruder machine, shrimp feed making machine, I would like some more details
It is so tired to deal with the fodder left after my livestock have eaten, and the fodder powder is also bought with money, I don’t want to waste it, what I can do?
Why do my cattles and sheeps grow so slow? I have fed them so much fresh hay?
My storehouse is full of pasture, but it is still not enough for feeding my cattle and sheep through the whole winter; while processing the pasture, it is full of dust. How can I deal with this problem?
Please find picture of Babool & report of our raw material, the diameter of our raw material is from 12 mm to 40 mm.We have land where we can built wear hose,we want to run 20 hours in day.