My poultry farm hammer mill has strong vibration when production.

If your poultry farm hammer mill has strong vibration when production,confirm whether the following problems:

(1)Individual hammer is stuck and not thrown off; Make the hammer rotate flexibly.

(2)The other parts of the motor are unbalance; Balance the rotor.

(3)The installation and arrangement of the hammer are wrong; Reinstall it according to the hammer arrangement diagram.

(4)The weight deviation of the corresponding two groups of hammers is too large; Readjust the hammers and make weight deviation of the corresponding two groups not exceed two gram.

(5) Main shaft is bent; Align or replace a new shaft.

(6)The bearing is damage; Replace the bearing.

(7)Hammer and pin shaft are worn severely; Replace the whole set of new hammer and pin shaft.

(8)There is no clearance between two half-couplings; Readjust the clearance within 3~5mm.

(9)The couplings are not concentric; Readjust and make the deviation of the high and low not exceed 0.2 mm and the non-concentricity not exceed 1°.

(10)The installation strength of the anchor is not enough; Reinforce the anchor.

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