The floating fish feed pellet mill machine is stopped during working,Why?

The floating fish feed pellet mill machine is stopped during working,confirm whether the following problems:

(1)The tension of the V-belt is not enough which makes the speed controller act on; Readjust the tension of the V-belt or check the pressure value on the pressure gauge of hydraulic system, reset the pressure value if necessary(Take care when adjusting).

(2)Parameter setting of the speed control instrument is unreasonable; Reset the parameter.

(3)V-belt is worn partially or completely or broken; Replace the V-belt completely as a group instead of partially.

(4)The main shaft is rotated due to overload or impurity blocked between press roller and ring die, which makes the limit switch released; Reset the main shaft and limit switch.

(5)Insufficient pressure from anchor ear, or brake disc splashed with oil causing skid and making the main shaft rotate and the travel switch released; Reset the oil pressure of anchor ear or clean the brake disc.

(6)Circuit failure; Check the circuit.

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