Is the effect of extruded feed for grass carp better or the effect of pellets?

Is the effect of extruded feed or pellet feed better? Many customers have asked us the same question. To put it simply, grass carp farming is becoming more and more profitable, and the cost advantage of pellets is obvious, but in theory, the comprehensive benefits of extruded feed are higher.
1. For grass carp fish feed production plant, if you pursue high-quality grass carp feed pellets, it is recommended to purchase grass carp fish feed extruder plant equipment; if the budget is limited, you can purchase special aquatic feed pellet production line equipment, and its fish pellet making machine is equipped with three-layer conditioner.The degree of gelatinization is completely comparable to the fish extruder.
2. For aquaculture farmers, due to technological and equipment limitations, they can usually only make pellets. The small extruder is not unused, but if it is not the extruded particles processed by the production line, but the extruder equipment is used, the production cost is not low. Moreover, the self-made extruded feed is usually not waterproof, and the effect is still a little weak. However, the aquatic feeds purchased in many countries and regions are basically pelletized. It can be said that there is no difference between self-made and purchased aquatic feed.

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Hi, I need price of 70B fish feed extruder which can produce fish feed,crab, catfish, shrimps feed, also can produce the animal feed like chicken, cattle, rabbit, pig feed etc. by changing the mould and formula.