Flat die feed pellet machine is better, or ring die feed pellet machine is better?

The choice of feed making machine is based on your needs. If the output you need is 300-500kg/h, then you must choose a flat die granulator, because this is the most economical; if the output you need is 1t/h or more, and there are higher requirements for the quality of feed pellets, then the ring die animal feed machine is more suitable for you. However, there are many factors affecting the selection of pellet equipment, and the flat die pellet mill and the ring die pellet mill are not only distinguished by simple output. Therefore, please contact Richi Machinery online, our technicians will give you the most professional answer.

Flat die pellet machine work under high pressure and can pellet low-viscosity raw materials (such as straw, hay, etc.). The output is lower than ring die pellet mills. Flat die pellet makingmachine more used in farms; ring die feed pellet mills have higher output, but rely more on the viscosity of raw materials. (Such as concentrated feed), so it is more suitable for feed mills.

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