Prevention and control of laryngitis after immunization

In the past two years, laryngitis has occurred frequently in individual areas. The symptoms of laryngitis are obvious, with severe respiratory symptoms, typical symptoms of chickens stretching their necks to breathe, rales, and hemoptysis. The laryngitis vaccine should be vaccinated urgently after diagnosis to avoid mass casualties. Chicken farms near the diseased chicken farm should also be vaccinated against laryngitis vaccine, because the laryngitis vaccine is a moderately virulent vaccine, and some serious vaccine reactions will occur after immunization. Therefore, after laryngitis vaccination or normal vaccination Do a good job in prevention to prevent the outbreak of other diseases.

Nowadays, laryngitis vaccine immunization is mostly based on eye spotting, regardless of domestic vaccine or imported vaccine, immune stress is great. The main manifestations are: the chicken is depressed, the feed intake is reduced, the eyes are tearful, and the eyes cannot be opened due to severe sealing of the eyes. In some chicken farms close to each other, atypical laryngitis occurred in other chicken farms due to the immune laryngitis vaccine.

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Work after laryngitis immunization

1. Strengthen the awareness of biological safety and pay attention to environmental disinfection. After the laryngitis vaccine is done, the toxin will be detoxified. In this process, the environmental disinfection of the chicken farm should be strengthened to prevent infection to other chicken houses. The disinfectant should be used alternately. The disinfectant in the chicken house should be less irritating and not harmful to the mucous membrane. Environmental disinfection can be caustic soda or peracetic acid.

2. Choose preventive drugs.

(1) In order to prevent viral diseases caused by vaccine stress after laryngitis vaccine, antiviral drugs, such as Banqing Granules, Qingjie Mixture, Qingwenbaidu Oral Liquid, etc., should be taken one day after immunization.

(2) After eye spot immunization, the mucous membranes of most chickens are damaged and they shed more tears. To prevent the growth of mycoplasma and E. coli, you can choose doxycycline and florfenicol to drink water at a ratio of 2:1.

(3) After immunization with laryngitis, the respiratory tract of chickens is particularly severe. You can choose Maxingshigan oral liquid or Maxingshigan granules for 5 days. Prevent the excitation of respiratory diseases.

After immunization with laryngitis, pay attention to observe whether the feed intake of the chickens has decreased, listen to the sound of the respiratory tract of the chickens at night, and observe whether the mental state of the chickens is standing or lying down. How about large groups of feces. Because after laryngitis immunization, respiratory tract, rhinitis, mycoplasma synovialis and other diseases are commonly stimulated, early observation can be used to treat them in advance to minimize the damage.

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