Do you know the three health care aspects of laying hen breeding?

During the breeding process of laying hens, the production and maintenance of uniform and effective antibodies such as vaccine itself, immunization method, and immunization dose have an important impact. In addition, diseases of the digestive tract, respiratory tract and reproductive tract will also be synthesized, neutralized and metabolized To affect the uniform and effective antibody production. Therefore, healthy laying hens need to do three health care tasks, namely health care of digestive tract, respiratory tract and reproductive tract.

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1. Digestive tract health care

The factors that affect the health of the digestive tract include the integrity of the digestive tract, acidity and alkalinity, micro-ecological environment, and soundness of development. For health care of the digestive tract of chickens, pay attention to the following aspects:

(1) Use chicken mixer machine to mix the ingredients uniformly : during the brooding stage, chicken feed pellets with balanced nutrition and easy digestion and absorption to avoid loss of intestinal villi that have not yet fully developed.

During the feed transition period, attention should be paid to the gradual transition of nutrients, especially the transition of stone powder from the expected period to the peak period of egg production and the transition of soybean meal from the young chicken to the expected period of production.

(2) Anti-mold raw materials: especially during the rainy season, corn and soybean meal should be aired regularly, and mold-removing agents should be added to the feed to reduce the harm of mycotoxins.

Regularly check water quality to prevent harmful bacteria such as E. coli from exceeding the standard, and reduce the risk of intestinal diseases.

(3) Prevention of coccidiosis and bacterial enteritis during the brooding period: the chicks will be given coccidiosis medicine after 15 days of age. If symptoms of intestinal coccidiosis or caecal coccidiosis occur, in order to prevent confusion with necrotizing enteritis or secondary necrosis Enteritis, coccidiosis and intestinal medicine must be used at the same time.

If symptoms of viral diarrhea occur, intestinal drugs must be administered at the same time as antiviral drugs to prevent secondary bacterial enteritis and E. coli and other harmful bacteria from exceeding the standard.

(4) Reduce environmental stress: The temperature in the house fluctuates from high and low, the weather and season changes, and the light period is easy to cause stress, which leads to non-pathological diarrhea in the flock.

2. Respiratory health care

Factors affecting the health of the respiratory tract include the integrity, patency, and wettability of the respiratory tract. The following methods can be adopted for respiratory health care of chickens:

(1) Reduce harmful factors in the environment: reduce the concentration of harmful gases such as NH3 and H2S in the house through timely cleaning of feces, ventilation, etc., to prevent them from damaging the respiratory mucosa, resulting in reduced or even loss of foreign body removal;

Reduce dust and dust in the air through sanitation and cleaning, disinfection with chickens, etc., to prevent them from obstructing respiratory tract ventilation and introducing pathogens.

(2) Suitable feeding temperature and humidity: Too low temperature can cause excessive secretion of respiratory mucosa and reduce the ability of immune cells to remove pathogens; too dry air will dehydrate the respiratory mucosa and reduce the ability of surface cells to resist pathogens. It will also increase the amount of dust and dust in the air; high temperature and high humidity often exist at the same time in summer, which makes the respiratory rate of chickens rise sharply, causing congestion and inflammation in the respiratory organs.

(3) Immune prevention: Choose new two-linked attenuated vaccines that can break through maternal antibodies and are not pathogenic to chicks as soon as possible to form local mucosal immunity in the respiratory tract.

(4) Prevent secondary infections of mycoplasma and E. coli: Choose highly sensitive antibacterial drugs to control secondary infections of mycoplasma and E. coli.

3. Reproductive tract health

Factors affecting the health of the reproductive tract include the integrity of the reproductive tract and the soundness of its development. Among them, the factors that affect the integrity of the reproductive tract include mechanical damage, bacterial infection and viral infection; factors that affect the integrity of the reproductive tract include improper feeding and management or substandard length and weight of the reproductive tract caused by disease. Reproductive tract health care needs to start from the following aspects:

(1) Do a good job of immunization of the 1-day-old and 7-day-old new bronchial attenuated vaccines to prevent the early infection of infectious bronchitis virus from causing underdevelopment or intermittent development of the fallopian tubes.

(2) According to the local epidemic and epidemic characteristics, timely arrangement of vaccine immunization, especially the immunization of Newcastle disease and avian influenza, to prevent the irreversible damage of the fallopian tube, ovaries, follicles and other reproductive systems caused by fever caused by viral diseases.

(3) Strengthen nutrition for laying hens during the pre-laying period, and regularly take drugs to prevent fallopian tube diseases before laying and during peak laying period.

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