Ten "Cannots" in laying hen breeding need attention

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1. Can't choose chicken fry according to the price

The first choice is epidemic prevention, formal management, and a large-scale manufacturer that can provide breeding livestock and poultry production and operation licenses, veterinary hygiene licenses, and introduction certificates, and ensure that the parental seedlings of commercial chicken fry come from large-scale original breeding farms. The picture is cheap and the cost is lost.

2. Cannot raise chickens according to the market

If the price of eggs is high, raise them more, but don’t raise them or raise them less. In recent years, the market cycle is difficult to grasp, causing the old experience to "fail". According to the equipment conditions of the chicken farm, the chicken flock should be rationally transferred and the breeding plan should be made.

3. Cannot ignore your 5-week-old weight

There is a Chinese lingo "five weeks for life". Whether the body weight can reach the standard at the age of 5 weeks has a great impact on the egg production performance of the flock. However, in production, only the live rate during the brooding period is often emphasized, and the 5-week-old body weight is ignored. The 5-week-old body weight is often not up to the standard due to factors such as high flock density, improper beak cutting, and low feed nutrition of the laying hens, and relying solely on drugs to improve survival The rate is not conducive to the improvement of later growth and egg production performance.

4, Cannot ignore the breeding of chickens

It is wrong to think that the weight and uniformity of the growing chickens are not enough to catch up before the start of labor. If the nutrient level of the feed at this stage is low, it will cause poor bone development, prolapse of the anus, small egg weight, and high mortality during the laying period. 

5. Cannot ignore the pre-term feeding

Transition from growing chicken feed to egg-laying feed too early or too late can cause diarrhea in first-laying chickens, and even paralyzed chickens, thin preserved eggs, sand-preserved eggs, and more soft-shelled eggs. Feed the young laying hens to the 17th week of laying hens. It takes a week to gradually transition from the 18th week to the laying hens to reduce the stress of refueling, mainly stone powder, which should be done gradually.

6. To fully analyze the cost

Farmers often only look at the surface unit prices of feed and veterinary drugs and ignore the true breeding costs. The survival rate, uniformity, feed, chicks, medicines, vaccines, water and electricity, fuel costs, etc. should be calculated at the stage of chicks and laying hens; laying hens should specifically calculate the cost per kilogram of eggs. The high-priced feed has high actual nutrient concentration, good egg weight, strong disease resistance, good color of the chicken, and heavy body.

7.Cannot ignore elimination

Practicing "humanitarianism" on inferior chickens, sickly weak chickens, and widowed chickens will only increase the chance of spreading infectious diseases, become the fuse of the disease or eat chickens for nothing, and increase the cost.

8. Cannot copy epidemic prevention procedures

According to the requirements of chicken manufacturers and combined with the current local disease epidemic situation, scientifically formulate epidemic prevention procedures. If possible, it is best to determine the results of antibody levels.

9. Cannot emphasize treatment over prevention

The frequent occurrence of encephalomyelitis, renal branching, egg drop syndrome and other diseases in recent years are all related to insufficient prevention and drug abuse at the onset.

10. Cannot abuse antibiotics

The medication should be based on the principle of identifying the pathogen, first sulfonamides followed by antibiotics, first narrow-spectrum and then broad-spectrum principles, with a target. Prevent the "half amount" of the drug from failing to reach an effective bactericidal concentration in the blood and causing drug resistance. When the treatment has a little effect, the drug is stopped. The residual bacteria cause the disease to recur, and the prolonged disease course increases the cost of medication.

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