Several scientific feed formulas for laying hens

In the breeding process of laying hens, a basic skill that must be mastered when preparing feed formulations for laying hens is to replace one kind of feed raw material with another feed raw material, but the preparation of laying hen feed can reduce the breeding cost. So, what are the feed formulas for laying hens?

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1. Feed formula for laying hens:

(1)Chick (1 ~ 60 days) recipe:

① Corn 62%, bran 10%, bean cake 17%, fish meal 9%, bone meal 2%.

② Corn 60%, bran 10%, bean cake 22%, fish meal 6%, bone meal 2%.

(2)Formula for young chicken (61~120 days):

① Corn 55%, bran 20%, bean cake 7%, cottonseed cake 5%, rapeseed cake 5%, fish meal 5%, bone meal 2%, shellfish meal 1%.

② Corn 66%, bean cake 18%, sunflower seed meal 11%, fish meal 3%, bone meal 1.5%, table salt 0.5%.

(3)Feed formula during egg production:

① Corn 56%, grain 10%, bran 6%, bean cake 17%, fish meal 5%, shellfish powder 3%, trace element additives 3% (methionine 0.1%, salt 0.4%).

② Corn 68%, bran 6%, bean cake 8%, fish meal 10%, bone meal 2%, shellfish powder 6%.

2. The layer chicken processing method and feeding amount of fly maggot feed:

Take 5 kg of soybeans, soak and swell and grind, mix with 10 kg of bran into a paste, and put in a tank or barrel for fermentation. The mouth should be closed and exposed to the sun. 3 days in summer and 1 week in autumn and winter. It can produce 20-30 kg of fresh pupa maggots and can be eaten by 500 chickens (ducks) for 1 week.

This recipe can also feed ducks.

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