The reason why laying hens lay less eggs

The production performance of laying hens is mainly manifested in the quantity and quality of egg production, and the egg production rate is the most important indicator to measure the production capacity of laying hens, and is concerned by farmers. Through effective control and improvement of egg production rate during the breeding process, Achieve the best economic benefits. However, there are many factors that affect the egg production rate. Through the exchange of experience with chicken farm customers in the past, Richi Machinery has collected the following information for your reference.

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1. The feeding density is too large

The main form of laying hen production in many countries and regions is small scale and large groups. Due to capital, site, equipment and other factors, or the breeder's one-sided pursuit of breeding scale, the density of brooding and breeding of farmers is generally high. The density of brooding in the first week is generally 30 per square meter, but the actual double It is more common, even 2-3 times higher.

Some farming households have the same feeding density from entering chickens to transferring to cages, and cannot evacuate on time in the early stage. The body size and weight of 6-week-olds are difficult to reach the standard, which directly affects the quality of brooding and chickens. In the years of production practice of laying hens, I deeply realized that the feeding density is the primary factor limiting the production performance of laying hens.

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2. Poor ventilation

In order to keep warm in the early brooding period, the doors and windows are tightly sealed. With the increase of density, secretions and excreta increase, the use of powdery materials, the loss of feathers and dander, the air in the house is extremely dirty, and the chicks grow in In such an environment, tearing, sneezing, arthritis, etc. are in a state of disease that seriously affects the quality of growing chickens and is difficult to meet the standards.

3. The effective position of the feed trough and drinking fountain is not enough, resulting in poor uniformity of the flock

Because the effective space for brooding is seriously insufficient, the number of early buckets and drinking fountains is unlikely to be large. With the increasing age of chickens and the development of chickens' physiques, the chickens can only rotate for several times to feed and drink without increasing the feed buckets and drinking fountains. , Resulting in poor bird uniformity.

Different epidemic prevention measures, different lighting systems and other factors are also one of the reasons for the lack of peak egg production in the whole chicken house.

4. The same chicken house enters different batches of chickens

Individual farms (households) are loaded with flocks of different ages in the same house, due to different feeding management, different epidemic prevention measures, different lighting systems and other factors, it also caused the entire chicken house to lay eggs. One of the reasons for the peak.

5. Prenatal maturity and sexual maturity are out of sync

It is generally divided into two cases. One is that the uniformity is less than 80%, the coefficient of variation is more than 10%, and the average body weight is lower than the lower limit of the standard. Seeing that the egg age is relatively early, the egg production rate rises for a long time, which is expressed as The peak of egg production does not go up, the peak continues to go up, the peak duration is short, the eggs are light, and the mortality rate is high.

The other is that the degree of uniformity is less than 80%, the coefficient of variation is more than 10%, the average body weight is higher than the upper limit of the standard. Seeing that the egg age is late, the consumption of the whole period increases, and the ratio of eggs to eggs is high.

6. Unstable light or insufficient intensity during egg laying

Practice has proved that 14-15 hours of light per day for laying hens can meet the needs of peak egg production. Be sure to switch the lights on and off when filling light, otherwise it will disturb the layer's response to light stimulation.

The electric light should be installed at a height of 1.8-2 meters above the ground, the distance between the lights is equal, 40 watt bulbs, supplementary light should only be gradually extended, when entering the peak period, the light should be kept relatively stable and the intensity should be suitable.

7. Unreasonable arrangements for peak egg production

The peak laying period of laying hens is about 25-35 weeks of age, and the egg production rate can generally reach more than 85%. During this period, the laying physiology of laying hens is the most vigorous, and this precious period must be used effectively;

If brooding in early spring, the peak egg production period of the flock is in summer. Due to the hot weather, the chicken feed intake is reduced, most of the farms have heatstroke prevention and cooling measures, or although there are certain measures, it is difficult to reach the most during the egg laying period. Appropriate temperature (18℃-24℃).

In addition, due to the hot weather, the house needs to be cooled manually or with a mist machine to increase the humidity in the house. E. coli is suitable for growth and reproduction. The chicken body is susceptible to E. coli disease, which can also make it difficult for laying hens to lay eggs. 

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