Proper mixing ratio during animal chicken feed line production

When preparing chicken feed, it is not only necessary to consider the nutritional standards of chickens, but also to pay attention to the appropriate mixing ratio of various feeds. 

how to make chicken layer broiler feed formula

•Carbohydrate feed mainly contains starch and sugars, which can account for less than 70% of the diet mix. Corn: It is one of the highest energy feeds in cereal feeds, which can account for 45% to 70% of the mixture. Bran: Good palatability, high protein and carbon content, which can account for 5% to 30% of the mixture. Barley: Because it contains high crude fiber, the amount should not be too much, and it can account for 15% to 20% of the mixture. Sorghum: The taste is astringent, too much will make the chicken constipation, which can account for about 10% of the mixture. Rice bran: Often used as an auxiliary material, it should not exceed 8% of the mixture.  

•Protein feed contains 30%-65% protein, which can account for 5%-30% of the mixture. Bean cake and peanut cake: It is a good plant protein feed with good palatability and comprehensive nutrition, which can account for 10% to 20% of the mixed feed. Cotton kernel cake: due to toxins, the dosage should not be too much, generally not more than 7% of the mixed feed. Fish meal: It is the highest quality animal protein, which can account for 5% to 15% of the mixture. The salt content of fish meal should be calculated, and the content of fish meal used should not exceed 0.4% of the mixture.

•The green feed mainly supplements the deficiency of vitamins, which can account for less than 30% of the mixture. All kinds of fresh green and green vegetables: the amount accounts for 20% to 30% of the mixture. Leaves: green leaves such as acacia and amorpha can account for 5% to 10% of the mixture. 

•Mineral feed mainly supplements the lack of minerals in the mixture, which can account for 0.3%-9% of the mixture. Bone meal: mainly supplements calcium and phosphorus, which can account for 1% to 2.5% of the mixture. Shellfish powder: mainly supplements the lack of calcium, which can account for 1% to 7% of the mixture. The laying hens should use more and other chickens should use less. Table salt: It mainly supplements the lack of sodium in the mixture, which often accounts for 0.3% to 0.4% of the mixture. The salt content of fish meal is also included. Gravel: It is often added after chickens are 1 month old, which can improve the utilization rate of feed, which can account for 0.5% to 1% of the mixture. 

Commercial chicken feed formulation recommendation:

Different types of chickens, such as roosters, breeding hens, laying hens, broilers, etc., have different chicken feed formulas.

1. The formula of layer feed: corn 65%, soybean meal 17%, fish meal 5%, bone meal 3%, shell meal 3%, stone meal 3%, multivitamin 0.1%, trace element 0.1%, methionine 0.1% , 0.4% salt.

2. Feed formula for chicken brooding period: corn 44%, bean cake 15%, stone powder 1.5%, dicalcium phosphate 1.1%, methionine 0.05%, lysine 0.05%, premix 0.50%, fish meal 1.5%, sorghum 10%, low-quality flour 10%, peanut cake 8%, wheat bran 8%.

3. Feed formula for chicken growing period: corn 70%, wheat bran 9.7%, soybean cake 12%, dicalcium phosphate 1.2%, stone powder 1.2%, premix 0.5%, salt 0.3%, low-quality flour 2.6%, peanuts Pie 2.5%.

4. Feed formula during the laying period:

(1) Production start: 72% corn, 10% soybean meal, 8% peanut cake, 2.2% fish meal, 1.3% calcium hydrogen phosphate, 5.52% stone powder, 0.1% methionine, 0.11% lysine, vegetable oil 1%, 0.5% additives, 0.3% salt.

(2) Peak egg production period: corn 55.7%, low-quality flour 8%, soybean meal 11.5%, peanut cake 8%, fish meal 4%, calcium hydrogen phosphate 1.2%, stone powder 7.7%, methionine 0.1%, vegetable oil 3% , Additive 0.5%, salt 0.3%.

(3) Other egg production period: corn 67.7%, soybean meal 8%, cottonseed cake 2%, peanut cake 8%, fish meal 3%, calcium hydrogen phosphate 1.2%, stone powder 7.2%, methionine 0.1%, lysine 0.05%, vegetable oil 2%, additives 0.5%, salt 0.3%.

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