When feeding goose with green feed

1. Precautions for feeding goose with green feed

Green feed includes natural grasses, stems and leaves of vegetables and crops, green leaves, etc. The dry matter of green feed has high crude protein content, good quality, high calcium content, suitable calcium to phosphorus ratio, low crude fiber content, good palatability, and easy digestion.

Practice has proved that whether it is grazing or collecting green feed to feed the geese, the following five questions should be paid attention to:

(1) The green feed should be used on-the-spot, and it is best to make appropriate preparations before use, such as washing, shredding, beating, etc., to facilitate the feeding and digestion of the geese. Do not feed the geese with leftover grass pulp to prevent nitrite poisoning.

(2) When grazing or collecting green fodder, you should understand the characteristics of green fodder, cancel the vegetable fields that are poisonous or have just sprayed with pesticides, and collect green fodder or graze on the grass to prevent goose poisoning.

(3) Do not feed more oxalic green feed, such as spinach, beet leaves, etc., to prevent goslings from getting rickets, paralysis and mother geese laying thin or soft-shelled eggs.

(4) Feeding of legume pastures (such as certain alfalfa varieties) that contain more saponin should not be too much, because too much saponin will inhibit the growth of goslings.

(5) When using green feed, the nutrient content and digestibility changes in different growth periods should be considered, so that it can be cut in time. In addition, because the green feed has high water content and low effective energy value, you should pay attention to appropriately matching some concentrated feed when feeding the geese.

how to make goose feed formula

2. Principles of commercial goose feed formula:

(1) According to different breeds, developmental stages and production purposes of geese, formulate appropriate feeding standards to meet the physiological needs of geese without causing nutritional waste.

(2) Based on local resources, minimize costs while ensuring nutrients, so that breeders can get greater economic benefits.

(3) Choose palatability and a certain volume of raw materials to ensure that the goose eats enough nutrition every time.

(4) A variety of raw materials are matched to play a complementary role in mutual nutrition.

(5) Control the amount of certain feed ingredients. For example, legume hay powder is rich in protein, and the amount in the diet can be 15-30%. Although feather meal and blood meal have high protein content, their digestibility is low, so the dosage should be less than 5%.

(6) The quality of the selected raw materials should be good, no moldy or deterioration, and no pesticide pollution.

3. Poultry feed formula for goose in each stage

(1) Commercial feed formula for geese in 0-4 weeks: straw biological feed 70%, bone meal 1%, bean cake 5%, fish meal 2.2%, corn meal 18%, bran 2.2%, salt 0.3%, shell meal 1% .

(2)Commercial goose feed formula for 4-7 weeks: straw biological feed 75%, bone meal 1%, bean cake 5%, fish meal 3.1%, corn meal 15%, bran 3.5%, salt 0.4%, shell meal 2% .

(3)Commercial goose feed making formula for 7-10 weeks: straw biological feed 85%, bone meal 1%, bean cake 3%, fish meal 2.5%, corn meal 5%, bran 1%, salt 0.5%, shell meal 2% .

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