Feed adjustment of spring laying hens during peak production period

In spring, hens enter the peak of egg production. To achieve good chicken raising benefits, attention must be paid to timely adjustment of the nutritional components of the chicken feed for layers to ensure the perfection and adequacy of various nutrients in the diet. Practice has proved that temperature is closely related to the feed intake of chickens, and like all poultry, chickens are "fed for energy." Therefore, the adjustment of feed ingredients must follow the following principles:  

how to produce feed for chicken

1. Reduce energy feed. The temperature gradually rises in spring. If you continue to feed the high-energy feed during the winter period, the weight of the laying hens will increase, which will affect the egg production rate. The scientific approach is to reduce the proportion of corn and other grain feeds in the diet. 

2. Improve protein levels. The hen consumes more protein during the laying period, and its consumption is related to the egg production rate of the chicken, so the protein raw materials in the feed should be increased according to the increase of the chicken egg production rate. The method is to appropriately add high-quality fish meal, soybean cake, etc. to the diet, and add as little miscellaneous meal as possible when the cost allows.

3. Increase mineral content. When hens lay their eggs, they need more calcium. If calcium is lacking in the feed, the quality of the eggshells will be affected, which will increase the number of damaged eggs, which will cause the chickens to lay soft-shelled eggs and shellless eggs. Phosphorus deficiency and calcium deficiency can also cause discomfort in laying hens, such as pecking feathers, anus pecking, and egg pecking. Therefore, once it is found that laying hens have indigestion, loss of appetite, weight loss, etc., the reasons should be investigated and the content of mineral additives in the diet should be increased accordingly.  

4. Supplement vitamins. Especially vitamin D, when the diet is lacking for a long time, the egg production of laying hens will decrease, the eggshell will become soft and thin, and the absorption of calcium will be seriously affected. When chickens lay more eggs, their vitamin consumption also increases, so you can feed some green fodder appropriately, and increase the amount of multidimensional vitamins in the fodder.

Recommended layers feed formula:

(1) Ingredients of the formula: corn 60.00, bran 10.0, bean cake 10.0, locust leaf powder 2.0, fish meal 10.0 shell powder 6.9, other additives 1.0, table salt 0.1.

(2) Main nutrients: Metabolizable energy 11.34, crude protein 16.5, crude fiber 2.4, calcium 3.20, phosphorus 0.71, lysine 0.91, methionine 0.32, cystine 0.27.

(3) Features of the layer feed formula: This formula uses shell powder to supplement the lack of calcium in the layer feed. The energy and protein content is more suitable. During the period of low egg production, the protein content is high,add more calcium.

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