On the disinfection of crayfish breeding ponds

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1. How to disinfect the newly dug crayfish breeding pond?

The newly excavated shrimp pond has no sediment at the bottom of the pond, and there is no need to clean the pond. After the excavation is completed, it can be treated as follows: air drying-water supply-disinfection-detoxification-planting grass-fertilization-fertilizer and hydroponic culture Bacteria-fodder fertilizer. Wait for the pond environment to get better and better, and then enter the seedling preparation.

(1) After the new pond is dug, let it dry for half a month or longer to fully expose and oxidize the organic matter in the pond;

(2) Drain the water after soaking for a week or more, and continue to dry until there are cracks in the bottom of the pool. You can repeat the above operation once again or directly disinfect to destroy the predators. Pay attention to the pH of the pond before clearing the pond. Choose Qingtang products;

(3) After the pond is cleared, apply enough base fertilizer after water injection to increase the fertility of the pond water and promote the reproduction of plankton; the base fertilizer applied can be livestock manure but must be fermented, or special fertilizer aquatic products such as amino acid fertilizer. Paste quickly fat water.

2. How to disinfect shrimp ponds in rice fields?

After choosing low-lying, well-watered, sunny, and non-polluted rice fields for renovation, the next step is to clean the ponds and disinfect the ponds. The detoxification of the shrimp ponds is the focus of the rice field reconstruction.

(1) Clean up rice stalks and dregs. Rice fields usually have a lot of rice stalks and rice dregs, which can be removed as much as possible, and the water that cannot be removed is soaked in water and allowed to rot. At present, there are many products on the market that specifically decompose rice stalks.

(2) Disinfect with quicklime. Applying 20 kilograms of quicklime per mu of rice field is mainly to adjust the pH value of the water body. In the later stage, the seedlings need to be disinfected separately.

(3) Detoxification treatment. Paddy fields often have a lot of pesticide residues, and there are many rotten rice ridges and rice dregs. It is best to detoxify twice. Crayfish are the most sensitive to pesticides, so try to do adequate detoxification work before the seedlings are released. Conducive to the planting of aquatic plants. It is generally recommended to detoxify once at the moment and detoxify again before the vaccine is released.

large capacity crayfish feed processing line machine manufacturers

3. How to disinfect the old fish pond into shrimp pond?

Old fish ponds have accumulated a large amount of organic pollutants at the bottom of the pond after years of high-density farming, and the silt is generally deep. Shrimp seedlings in such ponds are prone to stealing deaths, which is why many novice lobster farmers produce more shrimps and fewer shrimps.

After the old fish pond is transformed into a lobster pond, the following five points should be paid attention to when cleaning the pond:

(1) Clean up the silt, leaving a depth of about 10cm, which is convenient for later planting of grass. The silt needs to be transported away and cannot be stacked near the pond. Otherwise, once it rains, the silt will be returned to the pond and pollute the bottom of the water.

(2) For the disinfection of sun ponds, it is recommended to use bleaching powder to disinfect fish ponds. The pH value of fish ponds is relatively high. If quicklime is used for disinfection, the pH value will be too high, which will lead to lobster stress which is not conducive to shelling and growth. After disinfection, it is recommended to expose to the sun About 10-15 days. If there are more fish and insects in the pond, it is recommended to use tea seed cake to eliminate the poison again.

(3) Do not topdress, especially organic fertilizer, because fish ponds have more organic fertilizers. If topdressing is used, it will not be conducive to the growth of aquatic plants. Just plant aquatic plants directly.

(4) If there is still a lot of organic matter at the bottom of the pond and the water body, silver carp or screws can be used to degrade the organic matter.

(5) Usually the surface of the fish pond is very large. The aquaculture area of ​​the fish pond is calculated based on the surface of the water. The bigger the better, but the lobsters usually move around the pond and do not go to the middle of the pond. If the water surface is too wide, it is recommended to be in the pond Add a few more dams to increase the area of ​​lobster farming. At the same time, pay attention to the slope control at a ratio of 1:2.5-4.

4. How do crayfish farmers prepare for the new pond?

The overall process idea: Sheung Shui-Disinfection-Detoxification-Planting Grass-Seed Nest Fertilizer-Fertilizer Hydroponic Bacteria-Top Dressing Fertilizer-Wait for the pond environment to get better , And then prepare seedlings.

(1) For the above two types of ponds, for ponds with rice paddies, the first is to soak in water and then disinfect. Use quicklime per mu of 20 kg, which does not need to be used too much, mainly to adjust the pH of the water. In the later stage, the seedlings still need to be disinfected separately. If there is too much straw in the paddy field, it is best to pile it up, otherwise the water quality is not easy to manage during the cultivation process.

(2) Then it is detoxification. For rice fields, it is best to perform two detoxification procedures, because there are actually a lot of pesticide residues in the rice fields, especially in the soil and rice stubble. Crayfish are the most sensitive to pesticides, so Try to do the corresponding preparation operations before the seedlings are released. Detoxification can also be beneficial to the planting of aquatic plants. Detoxification is currently done once, and detoxification again before the seedlings are released.

(3) For the planting of aquatic plants, it is best to choose Elodea at this stage. The row spacing should be controlled at more than 12 meters. The plant spacing is not too demanding. If you plant later, the plant spacing is smaller and the nest is bigger, the better.

(4) After the planting of the nest fertilizer is completed, the nest fertilizer must be planted quickly. Choose the compound fertilizer with high content on the market, preferably the compound fertilizer for shrimp and rice field. Each nest is a large handful, which is about 8 kg per mu. Check every 7-10 days, and then chase the nest fat again.

(5) For the new pond of the rice field, try to choose the fertilizer and water to be based on bacteria, because the straw itself is a good biological fertilizer, and then through the decomposition of bacteria such as EM bacteria, it can be converted into plankton. Fully absorbed fertilizer, and at the same time, with fertilizer and water paste, fertilizers such as compound fertilizers can promote fertilizer and water more quickly.

It is important to remember that Xintang is mainly aquatic plants, so you must observe the growth of the aquatic plants in time and get enough fertilizer.

If there are some moss on the aquatic plants, you can choose safe drugs to kill, and then the aquatic plants are relatively dirty, you can use sodium humate and EM bacteria to splash and clean the aquatic plants, so that the aquatic plants can receive sunlight and grow quickly.

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