Please read these before starting your wood pellet business

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1. Some suggestions for starting a wood pellet business

(1) The wood pellet market is very regional and needs to go to the local area for on-site inspections. The world market is very large, and the supply has even exceeded demand in recent years. Here I can tell you clearly that the demand for pellets in Europe every year is very large, and the wood pellet markets in Russia and Southeast Asia are very good.

(2) If you don't know where to start, I can offer a few suggestions.

①Inspect local environmental protection policies. For example, in some countries, local environmental protection policies are not strict, and coal is allowed to burn, so there is no market for local wood pellets.

②Inspect the user unit. The coal-burning unit is the object of your investigation. Power plants, chemicals, smelting, heating, schools, enterprises, bathing centers, etc. can use wood pellets.

③The market size of wood pellets is basically clear after the inspection, but only a small part of the market for wood pellets is examined, and more importantly, the raw material market. You should know that a small wood pellet machine consumes more than one ton of wood pellets an hour, at least ten tons a day. If there are not so many raw materials in the local area, you will not be able to start your wood pellet business even if the market is good.

④ Wood pellets are a kind of biomass pellet fuel. Straws, rice husks, peanut shells, waste boards, etc. can all be processed into fuel pellets, so when investigating raw materials, we should not only examine wood, but also expand it.

⑤When the raw materials and sales channels have been investigated, and the wood pellet processing business can be determined, you can look for the best solution biomass wood pellet making plant supplier like Richi Machinery.

2.Wood pellet business in the world

In many countries, internal wood pellet production are insufficient to meet the energy needs of the country, and a key aspect of the wood pellet business has thus become the international trade in pellets. In 2006, the production of wood pellets was estimated at between 6 and7 million tons worldwide. In 2012, global wood pellet production had roughly tripled and reached 18.5 million tons , while the global capacity for wood pellets was estimated to be 28 million tons in 2010, which means that the industry has significant potential for development. Due to past and expected future EU demand and industrial developments in the wood pellet business, wood pellets have become the largest single commodity stream in the wood manufacturing business and an important item in international trade.

(1)Wood pellet business in Sweden

Agriculture and forestry waste biomass pellet fuel applications are getting much more attention at home and abroad. In 2001, Sweden's pellet fuel production was 70 million Euros, up 15 percent. The demand for biomass pellet fuel is growing rapidly, which has led to the increasing sophistication of wood pellet business. Data published last month by the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization indicate that worldwide wood pellet production in 2013 swelled by 12 percent, year over year, reaching 25 million short tons — with nearly 60 percent of that volume traded internationally.

The successful introduction of wood pellet fuel processing equipment, global economic integration, and the expansion of biomass production applications, Which has led to the development of wood pellet business in domestic and developing countries. Asia except Japan, Thailand, India, the Philippines and other countries in the late 80s has carried out a wood pellet machine and molding process research and the formation of industrial production.

(2)Wood pellet business in Finland

Finland is one of the leading countries in the EU in terms of bio energy and wood pellet business. Wood pellet production volumes in the country have increased steadily during the last decades. In 2012, Finland was in third place in the EU as regards renewable energy share in total energy consumption with a 34.3% share, after Sweden and Latvia with 51.0% and 35.8%, respectively. The country has a target to reach a 38% share of renewable energy of final energy consumption by 2020.

In the industrialized world, wood pellets are the most popular biofuel commodity product. A large number of countries are building new wood pellet-fired heating plants and conversing existing thermal power stations for co-firing wood pellets; thus demand for pellets is growing. Europe is the main wood pellet consuming region on the global market. In the EU-27, wood pellet consumption was 9 million tons in 2009. This figure grew to 11.4 million tons in 2010 and increased to 13 million tons in 2012. Wood pellet consumption will grow to as much as 25 or even 29 million metric tons by 2020.

(3)Wood pellet business in Russia

The Russian wood pellet business has expanded rapidly in the last decade. The first Russian pellet production plant was built in 2003 and within ten years, Russia has become an important exporter of pellets, mainly to the Nordic and Baltic area.

(4)Wood pellet business in China

In China, the wood pellet business is currently in the industry's emerging stage, the development prospects are broad. In order to accelerate the development of wood pellet and the speed of application, the state in these business have given the right of the tilt and support, wood pellet forming fuel equipment is currently included in the field of agricultural equipment, enjoy the agricultural subsidies to the countryside.

3.Our latest biomass wood pellet plant business in the world

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Thailand 10T/H Customized large capacity heavy duty wood pellet line(Ongoing)

There is a growing demand for wood pellet business on a global scale. And the production of pelletizing raw materials is sufficient, which means that the investment in the wood pellet business you will harvest the wealth. If you have any questions about investing in the wood pellet business, please feel free to contact Richi Machinery.

If you want to built one complete pellet production line in your country, pls send the inquiry to us. We will customized design according to your requirement.

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