What issues should be paid attention to in the construction of biogas digesters in pig farms?

Biogas digester pig farms don't need too much. You can build a 7-8 cubic biogas digester with ten pigs. The construction of a biogas digester is about 3,000 yuan(Calculated in RMB). There is no need to maintain it, but it will be out after a while Sub-waste and waste liquid can be used. The specific length depends on how you feed it. 

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1. Save land for pool construction, convenient management and good use effect

2. Cold protection and heat preservation, balanced gas production.

The indoor construction pool of pigsty or miscellaneous house should be comprehensively planned according to the height of the house, the soil quality of the foundation, the layout of the house and the outdoor ground conditions, etc., and determine the biogas fermentation tank, the discharge port, the water pressure room or the overflow pipe, the feed inlet, and the discharge The location of the biogas digester or the gate valve should ensure a reasonable layout of the biogas digester and pig pen. 

Indoor large and medium-sized biogas digesters: Generally, the main biogas fermentation tank is designed underground in the center of the pig house. The water storage ring and the movable cover are located in the middle corridor. The feed pipes are respectively set on the wall of the pig house. The feed port is located outside the pig house wall.  

The household has 3 pig pens and 1 toilet. The annual stock of pigs is about 20. The biogas digester is built in a mixed house next to the pigsty. The toilet is located at the inlet of the vault of the biogas digester. Human feces and pig feces The digester automatically flows into the digester for fermentation through the defecation ditch. The water pressure chamber is set in the chamber opposite the feed pipe. There is a piston discharger in the digester. As long as the piston is pulled, most of the biogas residue and liquid will flow into the fish through the defecation ditch. In the pond, a small part of the biogas residue and liquid will flow back to the feed inlet of the biogas tank through the sludge return ditch.  

The pigsty indoor three-combined biogas digester. It is a well-off biogas digester with 8 cubic meters. Households have 3 pig houses. The middle pig house is built in the biogas digester. Two feed pipes are installed. One feed pipe is connected with the toilet and the other feed pipe is connected to the pig house. The defecation ditch is connected, and human feces and pig feces will automatically flow into the biogas tank for fermentation and gas production. The fermented biogas slurry automatically overflows into the outdoor manure storage tank through the overflow pipe. The piston type discharging device is installed beside the pig house corridor, and the piston is pulled, and the biogas residue and biogas slurry flow into the outdoor manure storage tank through the excrement ditch.

The biogas storage cabinet is installed outside the pigsty, the biogas fast water heater is installed outside the wall of the bathroom, and the biogas stove, liquefied gas stove, chopping board, sink, and pool in the kitchen are all set on the wall near the window The edges, then inlaid with tiles, are beautiful and generous. Indoor gate valve discharge biogas digester: 8 cubic meter biogas digester, with a floating cover volume of 2 cubic meters. A household has 3 pig houses. The biogas digester is built in the pig house near the floor and the wall of the vegetable garden. Two feed pipes are installed. One is connected to the pig house’s ditch and the other is connected to the toilet. Fermentation from the inflow tank. The outdoor floor of the pigsty is 8m wide, the vegetable garden is 2.6m lower than the floor, and the manure storage tank is set in the vegetable garden. After excavating the biogas pit, first drill a hole with a diameter of 300mm down the bottom soil wall near the vegetable garden, install a discharge pipe, and build the bottom valve outlet.

Then dig a 0.5m wide and 2.3m deep trench on the floor, pre-bury the discharge pipe, and build a sinking well beside the outdoor wall of the biogas digester to facilitate maintenance. The overflow pipe is connected with the discharge pipe, and the biogas slurry is automatically discharged into the manure storage tank. When discharging, open the gate valve, and the liquid in the biogas digester can be discharged in just a few minutes.

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Construction precautions: The indoor biogas digester and outdoor biogas digester have roughly the same installation methods. The following issues should be paid attention to during construction: 

(1) Quickly dig and build:

To build a biogas digester in a pigsty or mixed house, it must be quickly digged and built to ensure the safety of the house. When lofting indoors, the distance between the biogas digester pit and the foundation of the house should be determined according to the height of the house and the soil quality of the foundation. Generally speaking, for houses with solid soil, the wall height is 3-4m, and the pool pit is 200mm away from the foot of the wall to excavate the pool pit; the gable is 4-6m high, and the pool pit is 300-400mm away from the footing to excavate the pool pit; the indoor width cannot meet the requirements for pool construction Yes, the middle wall can be dismantled first, and the wall can be built on the cover after the biogas digester is completed (the cover needs to be reinforced with steel bars). When excavating the pool pit, do not move the original soil. The wall of the pool must be rounded and repaired while digging. The excavated soil should be transported to the outdoors in time. It is forbidden to stack heavy objects near the pit to avoid collapse. The buried depth of the biogas digester must be consistent with the zero point elevation of the pig pen ground, otherwise it will affect the level of the pen floor. 

(2) Combination of pond construction and improved pigsty:

The feed inlet of the biogas digester is located at the front and back through the wall. In order to ensure the dryness of the pigsty and facilitate the automatic flow of pig manure and urine, the housing should be made 3%-5% Slope concrete or red brick ground, slope to the feed pipe of the biogas digester.  

(3) Avoid "short circuits and dead ends" of fermentation raw materials: usually two methods are used:

①Add a figure eight-shaped meandering cloth wall at the entrance of the feed pipe at the bottom of the fermentation room. The splitter plate is 350mm high and 720mm long. The left and right splitter plates are 400-600mm away from the pool wall, and the center eight-shaped mouth spacing is 60mm; 

②If the feed pipe of the biogas digester is in the same direction as the discharge port, a baffle partition wall is added between the feed pipe entrance and the discharge port of the biogas digester, and the height of the partition wall is the depth of the zero pressure liquid surface of the fermentation tank. 2/3, make the fermentation raw materials evenly distributed in the tank, and extend the retention period, so as to make full use of the fermentation raw materials and improve the gas production rate of the biogas digester.   

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