Special feeding and management methods for raising pigs in winter

The best environment temperature in the pig pen is 15℃~25℃, lower than 5 ℃ or higher than 30 ℃, the growth of pigs will be affected to a certain extent. Therefore, special feeding and management methods should be adopted for pigs in winter.(Related page:complete sheep feed pellet prodction process

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1. Improve the breeding environment

Before and after the winter, a comprehensive inspection of the pigsty and the surrounding environment should be carried out, and the damaged, dangerous and leaky pigsty should be repaired in time; the ratholes, cracks, gaps, broken roofs and other air openings in the pens should be blocked tightly to prevent "pass wind" and "thief "Wind" invades the pigs; the pigsty is covered with hay and the pigs' cold pens are covered with plastic film.

2. Moisture-proof and moisture-proof in the fence

Pigs like to be dry and afraid of humidity. Air is a kind of heat-conducting material, and the more humid it is, the stronger the heat conductivity, and the faster the heat in the pigs in the pen is dissipated. When pigs get cold, they will squeeze together, causing crushing, and even biting and fighting. The feces in the pig pen should be cleaned frequently, and the pigs should be trained to defecate and urinate at certain points, and there is a dry lying place. Change the bedding frequently and keep the bedding clean. 

3. Adjust the proportion of pig feed pellet    

The pig feed formula for winter pigs should increase the energy feed such as corn by about 10% under the premise of stable protein content, and add animal and vegetable fats if necessary. Tests have proved that adding 2% to 3% of animal and vegetable fats in the diet can increase pig weight by 12% to 15%, and every kilogram of weight gain can save feed by 8% to 10%.   

Increase the density of raising pigs When the raising density is high, each pig has a smaller floor space and can warm each other when lying down. At the same time, when the raising density is higher, their body heat dissipation will also increase, which is beneficial to increase the temperature in the house. Pigpens in winter generally require one third more pigs than other seasons, and each pig occupies an area of ​​about 0.6 square meters.

4. Night long plus night meal 

Increasing feed is a relative increase in feed intake. Where conditions permit, it is best to adopt ad libitum. If you take the method of feeding pigs at regular intervals, you can add a night meal at night. Through experimentation and comparison, pigs in the same litter and pigs that do not feed night meals lose about 40% of their weight gain. When they leave the litter during the day, they tremble all over, do not like to eat, they have dry hair and skin, growth stagnation, and their survival rate is reduced; Pigs, with white fur and red skin, are energetic and have an increased appetite. They can be released one month in advance and have high economic benefits.

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