How to control the cost in the animal cattle feed factory production process?

The so-called animal cattle feed production cost management refers to the development of effective cost control methods based on the actual conditions encountered in the cattle cow feed manufacturing process during the feed production process and reasonable cost control methods based on the formulated cost control. The method and method to ensure the effective cost control in the feed production process during the process of raw material control and equipment maintenance. In the process of applying feed production cost management strategies, it is required that in the process of feed production cost control, the cost control methods and methods should be improved in a targeted manner to achieve the improvement of the economic benefits of cattle feed production.

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1. The importance of cost control research in cattle feed production process

In the process of research on animal cattle feed production cost management, we must first explore the significance of feed production cost control for the entire cattle cow feed production process. At the same time, it is necessary to analyze and study the structure of cattle animal feed production cost control. From the perspectives of optimizing cattle feed making raw material control and improving equipment maintenance strategies, conduct research on feed production cost control methods and strategies to ensure the formulated feed production cost control. The method can meet the actual needs of cost control. Up to now, in the process of cattle feed pellet production, the core of management research has not involved the design of cost control content. In the process of cost control plan design, there has not been an effective introduction of cost control methods. This makes it difficult for the final cost control method to play its due role, which in turn makes it difficult for the animal cattle feed line production process to play its due role.

In response to the above-mentioned problems in the cattle feed making process, feed processing companies conduct research on cost control during the introduction of feed production management methods to solve the problem of disconnection between the feed production process and the cost control process. At the same time, it can be seen that in the follow-up feed production management research process, how to fully integrate the problems in the cow feed production process to realize the joint development of feed production cost management and feed production is the key to feed production for feed companies in the future. One of the core areas of concern.

2. Analysis of key points of cost control in cattle feed manufacturing process

(1) Realize the rational use of raw materials for cattle feed production

In the process of feed production and processing management, through the study of feed production cost management strategies, the problems existing in the traditional feed production process can be effectively solved, the raw material utilization efficiency of feed production can be improved, and the feed enterprises can control the feed The production costs consumed in production can effectively improve the ability of feed companies to utilize raw materials and achieve the fundamental purpose of cost management and control for feed manufacturers.

From the perspective of raw material consumption in the cattle feed production process, it can be found that the waste of raw materials, which leads to the increase of production costs, generally focuses on the following aspects:

①In the cattle feed crushing process, in order to prevent dust from spreading, it is necessary to control the cattle feed production process during the crushing process and production to prevent problems in the processing and production process;

②In the process of cattle feed plant production, in order to prevent problems during processing, it is necessary to label the production quality during processing to prevent omissions and waste of resource costs;

③In the process of studying the problems in the process of preparing particles, there is a waste of raw materials, and it is necessary to summarize the problems in the production process to ensure that the cattle feed mill production process can efficiently complete the utilization of the production process.

Together, by adopting the corresponding cost control concept in the process of raw material utilization, the current ubiquitous actual situation of low efficiency in the processing and utilization of feed raw materials can be effectively solved, and the concept of cost management control methods can be used. Use, guide the feed production enterprises to continuously improve their own processing methods, take the actual problems in the feed processing process as the starting point, formulate the most reasonable feed production cost control plan, and achieve the high-quality completion of the feed processing process. In view of this situation, it can be found that through the use of feed processing cost control methods, it has very important practical significance for improving the existing feed processing cost control process.

(2) Realize efficient maintenance of animal cattle feed production equipment

At present, the production efficiency of feed enterprises is rapidly improving, more and more cattle feed processing equipment has begun to appear, and the intelligent degree of feed processing has been effectively improved, and the dynamic management of feed processing costs has also become possible. At the same time, through the use of dynamic equipment management software, intelligent management and maintenance of the entire cattle feed factory production process can be realized, thereby ensuring the high efficiency and practicality of cattle feed making equipment, thereby achieving the effect of reducing the cost of feed processing.

In the process of controlling the cost of cattle feed production, advanced intelligent control technology can be adopted. Through this control technology, effective control of the various modules of the feed processing process can be achieved, and the feed production equipment During the maintenance process, the dynamic management of feed production cost control is realized. At the same time, during the cost control process of feed production and processing, by optimizing the control of various process parameters during the operation of the equipment, the high-efficiency operation of the feed processing equipment can be realized, and the maintenance of the equipment can play its due role. Taken together, by emphasizing the role of cattle feed processing equipment maintenance in the feed production cost control and management process, the optimization design of feed processing cost control channels is realized, and the economy of the feed production process is improved.

To sum up, in the process of researching the key points of cost control in the cattle feed line production process, it is necessary to pay full attention to the cost control of feed management, and optimize the design according to the utilization of feed raw materials and equipment maintenance. And according to the actual situation of feed production development, use advanced intelligent control technology and raw material utilization methods to improve the construction of feed production cost management system, thereby effectively ensuring the high efficiency of animal cattle cow pellet feed production.

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