Raw material prices skyrocketing, how should animal feed plants respond

The price of feed raw materials has risen sharply, but the price of feed can only rise slightly. The profits of animal pellet feed plants are getting lower and lower. The profit of the breeding industry has also become lower. The willingness to feed and the feed market are smaller. In the face of rising raw material prices, feed companies have effectively reduced costs by adjusting feed formulas.

The management strategies for high feed material prices include: diversification of risk allocation, mass production to reduce manufacturing costs, automation to improve efficiency, branding to reduce operating costs, strategic alliances, vertical integration to enhance competitiveness, and concurrent trading of raw materials to increase gains advantage, local characteristics to find living space and so on.

Today, Richi Machinery provides customers with some ideas from the aspect of feed formulation technology.

Complete animal feed production line

1.Pay attention to additives

Additives such as acidifiers, enzyme preparations, emulsifiers, and Chinese herbal medicines that increase digestibility and reduce costs, whether they are mature or immature feed additives, will appear one after another and must be paid attention to and mastered, especially after corn and soybean meal are replaced , Additives to make up for defects in raw materials will become increasingly important.

2.Reset nutrition standards

In addition to considering the basic needs of animals, the biggest goal of nutrition standards is to obtain the best profit for operation. Each factory originally determined that the best nutrition standard is still the best operation under the condition that the raw materials have risen by 50% to 100%. Profits have changed. So many nutrition standards that think they are good should be revised.

3. Advanced formulation technology

The use of net energy and active ingredients to calculate the nutritional waste of formulas will increase costs. Higher raw material prices have a greater impact. With the advancement of nutrition technology, many active ingredients have data available, including net energy, effective amino acids, and effective Phosphorus, digestible protein and amino acid balance ratio, amino acid to energy ratio, etc. The use of net energy and effective ingredients to calculate the formula can achieve the least waste and the best price-performance ratio. The more complete and accurate the ingredient database is, the more timely and up-to-date information and technology can win.

Richi Machinery adopts advanced formula software and combines more than 20 years of formula design experience. Thousands of feed factories all over the world have established a stable business cooperation relationship with us. At the same time, we also have the most complete feed materials and formula data in the industry to help feed factories reduce costs and increase efficiency.

4. Pay attention to environmental protection formula

The rapid economic development has greatly improved people's living standards. After solving the problem of food and clothing, people began to improve the quality of life. Therefore, products that can reduce environmental pollution must be the most forward-looking. Richi Machinery pointed out that the environmental protection formula refers to the feed formula with no medicine and heavy metal pollution, the lowest excretion (nitrogen, phosphorus), the least odor, and the fecal fermentation and biogas power generation.

In the past, it was believed that environmentally friendly formulas would increase costs without input, but today the situation has changed. Through micro-ecological biological fermentation technology, other types of enzyme combinations and amino acid balance, to make up for the rise of protein raw materials, choosing environmentally friendly formulas not only does not increase costs, but Reducing costs and improving breeding performance will benefit others but not others.

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