How to benefit from hot selling wood pellet line in china by using wood pellet mill?

The range of biomass pellets is very wide, mainly including forest waste and agricultural waste, and wood is the largest category and the most widely used biomass energy.Among the many renewable energy sources, the biomass pellet fuel produced by the biomass pellet machine can have great development potential due to its abundant resource reserves, convenient cleaning and renewable characteristics. Biomass energy is second only to coal, oil and natural gas, ranking fourth in the world's total energy consumption.

biomass wood pellet mill with CE

Have you noticed that biomass wood pellet mill machine become a hot business around us? We don't know since when, but many people want to make money from it. How to benefit from industrial biomass wood pellet machine or wood pellets? Today we explore the truth together. Before that, it is necessary to learn what is wood pellet and wood pellet mill, then, we will find how to make money with them.

In recent year, biomass energy becomes the main current of energy market. Wood pellet is an important type of biomass energy. What is the wood pellet? It is made from some forestry and agricultural residues. Use wood pellet mill crush the raw material and press them into particular sizes and shapes. It can be directly used as biomass fuel, or form bio-carbon after further processing. Wood pellet actually plays various roles in our daily life, such as heating, cooking, power generation, and other industrial uses.

With the technology of pellet making mature, many countries realize the industrialized production, including Denmark, German, Belgium, USA, Japan, China, and etc. How to produce wood pellet? We have to mention wood pellet mill.

Wood pellet milling machine, also known as stable performance biomass wood pellet machine for bio fuel pellets, wood pellet making machine, is an environment-friendly equipment that make wood pellets from biomass material, such as shaving, sawdust, crop straw, etc.

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1.What are advantages of wood pellet mill? We sum up several parts as following:

(1)The raw material is easy to get, such as crop stalk, leaves, wood shavings, grass, saw dust and other combustible biomass. They are also renewable.

(2)Low cost of investment. The cost of material is almost zero, and then, after simple training, the labor cost is very low because of easy operation of wood pellet mill.

(3)Turn waste into wealth. Wood pellet mill helps farmer to benefit from waste agricultural residues, increase their income. At the same time, solve the problem of crop stalk, which protects environment as well.

(4)Environment friendly. Compared to traditional fuel, the burning process of wood pellet has little environmental pollution. As a clean energy source, the content of harmful substances is low, and the content of ash, sulfur and nitrogen is much lower than that of mineral energy. Biomass energy generally has a sulfur content of no more than 0.2%. The combustion process releases CO2 with the same amount of material absorption, which helps to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce carbon emissions, and reduce air pollution.

(5)Wide application of wood pellet fuel. Apply for industrial biomass boiler plants, power plants, civil heating, cooking and other industries.

2.Five factors you should know

As with other projects, new beginner of the biomass industry may face some investment risks, so you should do some market research before investing in wood pellet mills. What are the problems you need to filter before investing in wood pellets?

(1)Raw material

At present, the most competitive view of wood pellet fuel is raw materials, and whether there is enough raw material supply to decide whether it can have a place in the market. Therefore, the supply of raw materials is the most important part of the investigation of the pellet machine for wood sawdust. It is necessary to determine which of the raw materials are mainly, whether the supplier can supply raw materials stably or not, whether there are impurities such as nails in the raw materials, and it is not too late to check the wood pellet machine manufacturers after determining this problem.

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(2)Wood pellet making machine

The purchase of equipment includes two aspects: the selection of wood pellet machine and the selection of wood pellet mill manufacturers.

Selection of automatic wood pellet machine: The selection of wood pellet machine should be selected according to the use and scale of use. Usually for small and medium-sized manufacturers, small capacity pellet machine can be selected, or the corresponding small pellet plant can be equipped according to actual needs. For high automation requirements, you can choose mobile pellet plant. For some large factories, it is recommended to purchase complete wood pellet plant, including pellet machine (flat die pellet mill or ring die pellet mill), harmer mill, pellet dryer, pellet cooler, pellet packing machine, etc.

(3)Selection of wood pellet mill manufacturers: As for the selection of wood pellet machine manufacturers, it is necessary to consider quality, pre-sales and after-sales service, credibility, etc. Currently, the most popular brands on the market include RICHI, CPM, ANDRITZ.


The power of wood sawdust pellet mill machine on the market is generally above 90Kw. If you bring other equipment in the production line, you need to find or install a transformer that can provide a stable power supply.


In the official production of biomass fuel wood pellet mill, there will definitely be a variety of small problems. Finding a suitable partner before investing, you must have a knowledgeable worker and be able to solve some small problems on your own. If not, it is recommended that carefully select the cooperative manufacturers who understand the technology, arrange the employees to carry out relevant technical training, and facilitate daily operations.

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