Points to note when using animal premix feed

energy consumption by cattle feed manufacturing process

(1) Correctly understand the effect of premix feed 

Under the conditions of intensive breeding, complete feed must be provided to animals. To prepare a complete feed, premix feed is ​​indispensable. The nutritional indicators such as crude protein, essential amino acids, energy, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and chlorine in the diet should be considered first, followed by scientific and reasonable premixed feed. Only in this way can it play its role in improving animal production, reducing feed consumption and health care. It is necessary to distinguish the role of various nutrients in animal nutrition and their relationship. The nutritional and physiological effects of the premix should not be overemphasized. The role of the animal premix feed can only be manifested if the main nutritional indicators in the diet are reasonable.(Content you might be interested in:animal premix feed manufacutring process

(2) Reasonable selection of premix feed 

The premix feeds sold on the market are uneven, and some have problems such as substandard quality and unreasonable formula. When purchasing, you must proceed from the actual situation and choose the premix according to the conditions of the feed ingredients you own. If you only have energy feed ingredients, you should choose a complete nutrient concentrate; if you have both energy feed ingredients and protein ingredients, you can choose a compound premix with an addition amount of 4% to 5%; if it is an animal feed mill processing plant, you can choose 1%~3% composite premix or 0.1%~0.5% high-tech classified premix produced by professional premix feed mill factory. It is necessary to choose premix products produced by manufacturers with strong technical force, complete product specifications, stable quality, and thoughtful after-sales service; according to the types of local agricultural and sideline products, choose the feed formula type that suits the types and characteristics of the basic materials that you have.

(3) Strictly identify quality

When purchasing premix feeds, products from regular manufacturers should be preferred, and the packaging should be checked carefully and the label content is complete. The following items should be indicated on the label: product name, applicable stage, main ingredients, type and content of pharmaceutical additives, addition ratio, instructions for use, production date, shelf life, implementation standards, approval number, manufacturer name, address, telephone, etc. . Sensory evaluation of product quality is also required. Qualified premix feeds should be basically consistent in particle size, uniform in color, and free of odor, mildew, moisture absorption, and agglomeration.

(4) Clear target of use

When using premix feed, you should choose a special poultry premix feed or livestock premix feed according to the species of livestock and poultry and different growth stages, and you should carefully check the livestock species and applicable stages indicated on the label.

(5) Accurate dosage

Should be fully mixed and fed with other feeds according to the instructions. Generally, the amount of premix is ​​0.5% to 6% of the total compound feed, and it should be accurately weighed when using it. Because too little dosage can not achieve the desired effect, too much dosage is not only wasteful, but also easy to cause poisoning.

how to run effectively an animal feed manufacturing plant

(6) Fully mix with basic feed

The animal premix feed must be fully mixed with other feeds before feeding. And it is best to feed with the mix, and the mixed feed should be used up all at once.

(7) Store correctly

Pay attention to the storage time and conditions of the premix feed to keep it fresh. The unopened premix feed should be stored in a ventilated, cool and dry place, and should be kept in separate categories; it should be used up as soon as possible after opening the bag, and should not be stored for a long time. Pay attention to sealing during use to avoid moisture, otherwise the content of effective ingredients will decrease.

The premix feed is ​​based on the theoretical basis of animal growth and nutritional needs, taking into account the influence of various related factors, using advanced equipment and technology, and rationalizing multiple vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and growth-promoting factors through carriers and diluents High-tech products that are matched and evenly mixed. It contains most of the nutritional needs. After mixing with protein and energy feed, it can play a balanced and efficient nutritional role and fully meet the nutritional needs of animal growth and production.

However, it should be noted that there are still some problems in the production and use of premix feeds of many formula feed mill plants, such as the problem of a kind of trace element premix being used everywhere, the problem of mixed packaging of the components of the composite premix, high copper, Problems with the use of high-zinc and arsenic preparations. With the development of science and technology and the progress of society, these problems will be gradually solved. Only when the animal producers purchase and use premixed feed correctly can they give full play to their high-efficiency nutritional functions.

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