Factors affecting 20tph cattle feed plant SZLH420 cattle feed pellet making machine production

Many 20 ton per hour capacity animal cattle feed mill factories have failed to meet the expected design requirements due to the process arrangement and operation technology of the animal feed pellet production machine for cattle feed, and the pellet surface is not smooth, low in hardness, easy to break, and high in powder content. The main reasons that affect the production efficiency of the SZLH420 cattle feed pellet making machine with 10 ton per hour during the granulation process are analyzed as follows:

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1. Raw material factors 

Raw material factors directly affect the effect of granulation. Materials with higher starch content are easy to be gelatinized by steam. After conditioning, these materials have a certain viscosity, which is conducive to particle formation. For raw materials with high crude fiber content, adding a certain amount of grease can reduce the friction between the material and the ring die during granulation, which is beneficial for the material to pass through the ring die, and the appearance of the particles after forming is smoother. The general addition amount is about 1%. If the addition amount is too high, it is easy to cause loose particles. If you need to add more fat, you can consider spraying after granulation, which is especially suitable for the production of high-energy cattle feed. The particle size of the crushed cattle feed raw materials determines the surface area of ​​the feed composition. The finer the particle size, the larger the surface area, and the faster the material absorbs the moisture in the steam, which is beneficial to the conditioning of the material and is also easy to pelletize.

From the point of view of granulation, fine pulverization, high granulation strength, but too much steam, it is easy to block the cattle pellet maker machine if you don't pay attention to it, and the raw material is pulverized too fine, resulting in high power consumption. Too coarse particle size will increase the wear of the ring die and pressing roller, making it difficult to form pellets, especially the small aperture ring die, and cause poor material gelatinization, resulting in high material consumption, low output, and high particle powder content. Therefore, in the production of livestock cattle feed, a 2.5-3.0mm sieve plate should be used for crushing corn, which can avoid the disadvantages of too fine particle size and ensure the required particle size for sufficient conditioning of the cattle feed, which is beneficial to reduce the powder content of the particles. In addition, attention should be paid to the uniformity of mixing before pelleting, because the composition of the cattle feed formula is complex and the proportion of various raw materials varies greatly. For different formulas and varieties, different mixing times are used to make the coefficient of variation of mixing uniformity reach about 5%.

2. Feeding flow control

In order to make the granulator work at full load in a balanced manner without stopping, the material flow into the granulator must meet the pelletizing needs, and the feed structure must effectively eliminate the intermittent feeding caused by agglomeration The phenomenon. Take the SZLH420 ring die cattle feed pellet milling machine as an example, the material flow should not be less than 10T/H, and the material flow of the feeder should be stabilized in actual production. It is more reasonable to install a buffer bin directly above the szlh420 cattle feed pellet press machine. This buffer bin, or there is a long connecting pipe (above 0.5m) between the buffer bin and the feeder, it is difficult to ensure a stable incoming volume. When the production efficiency of the 10t/h cattle feed pelletizer is not normal, many 20t/h cattle feed pellet manufacturing plants are just busy looking for the cause in the cattle feed pelleting machine itself, and ignore the incoming material factor. In fact, many times the production efficiency decline is caused by the instability of the incoming material flow. Generally speaking, when the granulator is running smoothly and normally, the steam supply is sufficient, the feed gate is fully opened, the feeder speed is adjusted to the rated value and the main motor does not reach the rated electric value, it can be judged that the incoming material flow is insufficient At this time, the reason should be found out, even if adjusted.

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3. Production operation

Correctly control the gap between the pressure roller and the mold. If the gap between the roller die is too small, the die and the pressure roller are easy to wear, and the noise is large; if the gap is too large, the material extrusion will be affected. Generally controlled within 0.05~0.30mm. It can be measured with a feeler gauge during adjustment, or visual inspection without a feeler gauge. Take the new mold and the new roller as an example. Visually inspect the pressure mold and pressure roller to be reliable, but when there is no material, it is better that the main machine rotates the pressure mold and cannot drive the pressure roller. It is especially emphasized that the new mold should be equipped with a new roller and the gap should be smaller. In addition, enough butter should be added to the pressure roller (usually select high-temperature-resistant No. 7 lithium-based grease) to avoid burning the bearing due to excessive temperature. At the same time, the feed scraper should be adjusted, otherwise it will be difficult for the material to enter between the press roller and the press mold, and some of the material will be strung out from the press mold cover, forming a high particle size. The adjustment result should be the upper edge curve of the scraper. The gap between the die and the die cover is basically controlled between 2~3mm, and the front end of the scraper should not exceed the undercut groove of the inner hole of the die. After adjusting the various parts of the szlh420 cattle feed pelletizing equipment for 20tph capacity cattle feed pellet processing plant , the machine can be granulated.

Turn on the cattle feed pelletizer, conditioner, and feeder first. At this time, the feeder should be in a small feeding state. In order to prevent the debris from entering the die, the outside discharge door on the operating door should be opened, and the material mixed with debris in the machine should be discharged. After the miscellaneous materials are cleaned, the materials can be introduced into the die. For the sake of precaution, you should hold the handle of the discharge door outside the machine with your hands, let part of the material enter the mold first, and then observe whether there are particles smoothly out of the mold, and pay attention to the current changes. If the particles can be produced normally, the current is relatively stable, the fluctuation range is not large, and the rated current is not reached, then the material flow can be increased, and the steam volume can be increased at the same time.

4. Ring die   

Whether the material can be squeezed through the die during the cattle feed pelletizing process depends on the pressure and friction that can be generated in the die hole. This is related to the friction coefficient between the material and the die wall, moisture content, raw material particle size, temperature, buffer time of the plastic deformation part of the material and the compressibility of the material. These characteristics are closely related to the die hole depth and aperture.

Generally speaking, the compression ratio of the die hole diameter should be 1:8~1:13 (that is, the effective thickness ratio of the die hole to the die), the compression ratio of the die is small, and the effective length of the die hole is short. The pressure formed in the die hole is small and it is easy to extrude the ring die. Therefore, the output is high, but the produced particles are loose, the powder content is high, and the appearance is not smooth; on the contrary, the longer the effective length of the compression hole, the material is in the die The greater the pressure in the hole, the higher the compactness of the particles produced, the smoother quality of the particles, and the lower the powder content, but the output of the szlh420 ring die cattle cow feed granulator will decrease, and of course the power consumption per ton will increase accordingly. Therefore, when feed manufacturers produce pellets of different specifications and varieties, the aperture ratio of the ring die will be different.

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5.Introduciton of RICHI SZLH420 CE certificate hot sale ring die cattle feed pellet mill

Model:SZLH420 Ruminant Animal Cattle Feed Pellet Making Machine


With on-site electric control cabinet,oiling machine.

Siemens Motor, SKF bearing.

Feature:Feeder, double-layer conditioner, ring die, door are made by stainless steel.

Size of conditioner:Length 3000mm*Dia 380mm

Rang of Final Pellet:1.0-12mm

Ring Die Inter Diameter:420mm

Make the fish feed, aquatic feed , livestock feed

Price Of RICHI SZLH 420 High Quality CE Pellet Machine For Cattle is usually between 30000USD-35000USD.

(1)Improvement of pelleting room and drive system enhance the balance,output raised 10-15%.Meanwhile,enhance cut level up,especially improve position,solve beautiful pelleting in small bore.If two cattle feed lines of 420 annual output is 150,000 tons feed, one year in the same power consumption,two lines will produce more than 18,000-27,000tons feed. If one ton cattle feed production need 20 kilowatt-hours, the whole year will save electric bill 18,000-27,000 tons×20kwh×0.5RMB/kwh≈180,000-270,000RMB.

(2)Conditioning time increased to 35 seconds,improve the curing degree greatly.

(3)In order to redouble useful life of 20t/h cattle feed processing plant pelletizer machine case,RICHI China factory offered szlh420 good cattle feed pelleting machine cases adopt the same materials as diesel body, the useful life is improved more than one time.

If you want to built one complete pellet production line in your country, pls send the inquiry to us. We will customized design according to your requirement.

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