Business proposal for a large capacity annual output of 20,000 tons biomass wood waste pellet production plant in China

1. Project background

The annual output of 20,000 tons large size antomatic wood pellet plant project started construction in late August 2015 and was completed and put into production in late October 2015. The construction period is 60 days. It is located in Datong City, Shanxi Province, China. The area has a forest area of ​​270841.4 hectares and a forest stock of 24357716 cubic meters. , The forest coverage rate is 75.15%. The country has issued a forest logging quota of 58,000 cubic meters each year, and the output of commercial materials is 28,000 cubic meters. The cumulative storage of pier roots, tree heads, branches, tree roots, wind-fallen wood and other residues is about 1.5 million tons. Dumping in the forest wastes resources and pollutes the environment.

In order to adjust the forestry industry structure, stimulate regional economic development, increase the utilization rate of residues in cutting areas, and increase the economic income of forest farms and forestry workers. According to the national plan for the development of biomass energy, combined with the actual situation of the remaining residues in the logging area, it is necessary to crush the wood waste generated in the logging area into wood pellet fuel for reuse.

biomass industrial wood pellet machine for pellet plant project

2. Project introduction

(1) Project site selection

The site of the 20,000 tons production capacity antomatic heavy duty wood pellet processing plant for fuel pellets is selected 200 meters west of Mochai Road and south of Chaihe Town. The site has the advantages of suitable natural conditions, sufficient labor, convenient transportation, abundant raw material resources and suitable for industrial development.

(2) Production scale

Wood pellet fuel processing plant with an annual output of 20,000 tons. Among them: newly built 2,000 square meters raw material storage yard, 1200 square meters shed production workshop, 800 square meters of green plant area, and a total area of ​​about 5,000 square meters.

(3) Construction content

①Configuration table of main wood pellet plant equipment and auxiliary tools and utensils of wooden pellet production line

Equipment needed to make wood pellets in 20000 tons per yare customized biomass wood pellet line project:

Number Equipment Name Power(KW)
1 hot sale wood chipper crusher (W-Disc-800, cutter head diameter 630mm, cutting diameter 180mm) 75
2 waste wood hammer mill crusher(SFSP66*80a,The whole is made of steel plate, widened crushing chamber) 90
3 Bucket Elevator(TDTG40/28, sawdust 2-3 tons/hour, the shell is made of 2mm carbon steel plate) 1.5
4 prepelleting bin(4M3, 2mm carbon steel plate and assembled with screws, convenient for transportation) /
5 Permanent magnet cylinder(SDTM50, made of stainless steel) /
6 wood pellet press machine(MZLH420, gear drive hoop type, ring die alloy steel carburizing treatment, high-quality bearings, equipped with standard conditioner and feeder) 110
7 airlock(Cast type to ensure that the wind is closed, equipped with motor and reducer) 0.75
8 Cooling machine(The moisture content after drying and cooling is below 10-13%. The whole is made of carbon steel) 1.5
9 Fan(GB boiler fan) 4
10 Cyclone(2mm steel plate welded, coated with anti-corrosion material) /
11 Supporting installation pipe(made of 2mm carbon steel) /
12 Grading sieve(Stainless steel sieve) 1.5
13 Screw conveyor(shell is 3mm carbon steel plate, top cover is 2mm steel plate, equipped with motor and reducer) 3
14 Finished product warehouse(made of 2mm carbon steel plate and assembled with screws) /
15 Computer packaging scale(gravity type, with sewing machine and belt conveyor) 3
16 Electrical control system /

② Purchase form of electric power and auxiliary production equipment

Based on the natural conditions of the large wood pellet factory project location and the energy consumption analysis in the production of wood pellets, it is determined that there are three sections of crushing, pelletizing and packaging to form an automated continuous wood pellet production line. The power consumption of this biomass wood pellet producing line is 81kwh/t, which is relatively low in China's wood pellet manunfacturing line.

③Construction project

The new construction area of ​​this wood pellet production project is 1230 square meters. Repair the existing plant and fence.

★Newly built a 5m wide wrought iron gate.

★There is an 80-ton floor scale at the entrance of the gate; a new brick-concrete structure floor scale room and guard room, covering an area of ​​20 square meters, are separated by a partition wall.

★Repair and paint the office, staff lounge and surrounding walls, replace the roof of the office and staff lounge, and add external insulation materials.

★Level the site, do a good job of dispersing water, and lay a dispersing channel beside the shed of the production plant.

★Build a new fire-fighting water system consisting of a pump room of 10 square meters, 2 fire-fighting pumps, a 130-meter fire-fighting water pipe, 10 fire hydrants, and 4 20-meter hoses.

★Erect 8 street lights in the raw material area and the 20000 tons per year wood pelletizing plant area.

★Newly build a 1200㎡ production workshop, with a colored steel shed at the top and a 10 cm thick cement floor at the bottom. The bottom chord of the shed is 4.5 meters high, 20 meters wide, and 60 meters long. The workshop is open on all sides and has access channels for production vehicles.

★Adding a 315kvA transformer, the basic monthly electricity fee is 5980 yuan, and the electricity cost per kilowatt-hour is 0.48 yuan. The installed capacity of the production line is: 154.55kw/h, the power used according to the normal production capacity is: 121.55kw/h, the production capacity is approved as 1.2t/h, and the power consumption per ton of product is: 81kw/t (121.55kw/h×0.8/1.2 t/h), the equipment operation rate is determined at 85.6%, and the annual production of wooden pellets is 20,000 tons, and the annual power consumption is 729,000 kWh.

reasonable layout new technology wood pellet line

(4) Overall layout

①According to the requirements of the wood waste pellet production process, considering the professional requirements of construction, fire protection, mechanical operations, etc., reasonably arrange the location of the production workshop, raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse, etc., and manage it in different areas.

②The entrance and exit roads of the wood pellet making factory area should be convenient for the transportation, loading and unloading of products, and the main road should be suitable for fire-resistant vehicles.

③The power supply is as close as possible to the load center to reduce the loss of power and energy.

④The raw material yard is a compacted land, surrounded by walls, and the entrance is a weighing station, and a weighing instrument is set up.

⑤The large wood pellet line production workshop is a wooden pillar-supported colored steel shed, 4.5 meters high (8.5 meters at the hoist), with an area of ​​1200 square meters, and the ground is a cement floor.

⑥Maintenance of roofs, inner walls, floors, windows and other facilities in lounges and offices, and insulation and painting of outer walls.

⑦Newly built a pump room of 10 square meters, a water well, a 130-meter fire pipe trench, and 5 fire hydrant wells.

⑧Purchase 2 fire water pumps, 130 meters of fire steel pipes, 4×20 meters of fire hoses, and 10 fire hydrants.

⑨The pump house is located in the center of the west side of the wall, and is supplied by a submersible pump. One spare. The fire-fighting steel pipe is 130 meters long and has a slope of 0.5:100. There is no water in the water pipe when it is not in use to ensure normal use in winter. There is a fire hydrant well every 32.5 meters, each well is equipped with two fire hydrants, and two fire hoses are provided at the raw material storage area and the shed to ensure that the fire water reaches any point in the plant area.

factory supply 5 ton per hour customized biomass wood pellet line project

(5) Wood pellet manufacturing process

The 20000 tons per year big wood pellet line manufacturing process is: raw material → crushing → natural drying → lifting and warehousing → iron removal → high temperature compression → cooling → packaging → storage → transportation.

Raw materials must be strictly inspected when entering the site, and the moisture content must be controlled within 23%. After the raw materials enter the site, they are stacked and dried according to the size of the wood diameter, and the height of the loader must be used to reduce the occupation of the space.

Before crushing, the moisture of the wood should be controlled below 20%. According to the size of the wood diameter, different types of crushers are used for crushing. After crushing, it is naturally air-dried in the shed. When the moisture reaches 11%-15%, use the loader to load the material and lift it into the silo; the silo is equipped with a level meter to control the loading of the hoist to prevent the hoist from being stopped when the silo is full; Magnetic cylinder, remove the iron from the scraps.

The working principle of the ring die high quality biomass wood pelletizer machine is similar to the existing forage grass feed pellet mill machine, that is, the raw materials are added from the ring die (the moisture content of the raw materials is required to be 11% to 14%, and the moisture content is too large or too small. It is not good to be granulated), which is rolled and extruded through a ring die to form granules. The extrusion pressure reaches 50-100MPa. The raw material deforms and rises under high pressure, and the temperature can reach 100-120℃.

After the pellets are made, they are lifted into the warehouse by a belt conveyor, and then cooled and sieved by a cooling unit. After screening, the particles that do not meet the specifications are recovered and returned to the silo. Qualified particles are loaded by the elevator to the silo to be packaged, and packed by the computerized quantitative packaging machine, and then stored and sold in the warehouse.

(6) Staffing

The high quality wood pellet line with big capacity is divided into three sections: crushing section, granulating section and packaging section. Implement an 8-hour work system. The crushing section and the granulating section operate in 3 shifts a day, each with 5 people, including 1 loading machine (raw material in the crushing section, wood chips on the pelletizer), 2 crushing and feeding workers, and 2 granulating operators. Four shifts are operated in three shifts, with a fixed number of 20 people; the packaging section operates two shifts a day, each with 3 people, including 1 packaging operator and 2 movers, implementing three shifts and two operations, with a fixed number of 9 people; company management personnel and auxiliary production The staff will be 14 people. The company has a total of 43 employees.

large capacity heavy duty wood pellet line

3.Annual output 20,000 tons large capacity wood pellet plant investment estimation and financial evaluation

(1) Total investment

The total investment of this big wood pelletizing plant project is 5.67 million yuan, of which 1.3 million yuan is circulating funds, and 4.37 million yuan is construction funds, including: equipment purchase and installation costs, engineering construction costs, real estate maintenance costs, management fees during construction, and unforeseen costs.

(2) Cost analysis (estimated based on market conditions in the region)

①Raw material cost: Calculated based on the factory price of wood and branches at 103 yuan/ton; the average moisture content is 23%, and the product moisture content is calculated at 8%. Every ton of product requires 1.15 tons of raw materials. The cost of raw materials per ton is: 118.45 yuan (1.15×103); the annual cost of raw materials is: 1.0661 million yuan (118.45 yuan/ton×9000 yuan).

②Electricity cost: Equipped with a 315kvA transformer, the basic electricity cost is 5980 yuan/month, and the electricity price is 0.48 yuan/kwh. The electricity cost per ton of product is 46.85 yuan/ton (5980 yuan/month÷750t/month+81kwh/t×0.48 yuan/kwh), and the annual electricity cost is 421,165 yuan/year.

③Fuel cost: mainly fuel for loaders and passenger trucks, initially approved as: 100,000 yuan/year, and fuel cost per ton of product: 11.11 yuan.

④Package cost: 25 kg per bag, 40 bags per ton, and the market price of each packaging bag is 0.6 yuan. The cost per ton of packaging is 24 yuan, and the total for the whole year is 216,000 yuan.

⑤Repair costs: The repair costs include the large, medium and small repair costs of fixed assets, calculated at 3.5% of the original value of the fixed assets, for the whole year: 53,700 yuan, and ton product repair costs: 5.97 yuan; pelletizing The consumption of special parts for the machine is calculated as: 11.56 yuan/ton, and the total repair cost for ton of product is 17.53 yuan. The total repair cost for the whole year is 157,700 yuan.

⑥ Depreciation expense: The depreciation of fixed assets is calculated based on 8 years, that is, the annual comprehensive depreciation rate is 12.5%, and the depreciation expense is 142,500 yuan throughout the year. The depreciation cost per ton of product is 15.83 yuan.

⑦Wages of production personnel: The annual wages of production personnel: 573,200 yuan. The salary per ton of product is 63.68 yuan.

⑧Management expenses: The approved annual office expenses are 40,500 yuan per year, the salary of management and auxiliary production personnel is 302,600 yuan, and the cost of sharing products per ton is 38.12 yuan.

⑨Sales expense: The annual approved sales expense is RMB 121,500, and the sales expense of ton product is RMB 13.5.

To sum up, the total cost of producing 20,000 tons of wood pellets per year is 3,141,800 yuan, and the cost per ton is 349.09 yuan (cost of bagged products). After deducting the cost of packaging materials and packaging expenses of 34.69 yuan/ton, the cost of bulk products is: 314.39 yuan/ton. According to the capacity of the production line, the crushing section can produce 21,000 tons of wood chips annually. In addition to 10,350 tons of pellets, 10,650 tons of wood chips can be sold. The production cost of wood chips is 142.11 yuan/ton.

hot selling 10 ton per hour acacia wood pellet line for sale

4. Social and ecological benefits

With the continuous progress of forestry production, residues accompanying the logging, timber and processing processes are also inevitable. The "three remnants" in the forestry production process have always been a problem that plagued forestry production. These leftovers are piled up in the forest. Not only do they need to be cleaned up, but the "three leftovers" after the cleaned up have to be burned at designated locations. This not only consumes a lot of manpower and material resources, but also increases the burden of fire prevention in the already stressful forest area during burning. If it cannot be cleaned up in time, the leftovers will rot and deteriorate, which will cause forest diseases, insects, and pests.

The implementation of the wood pellet industrialization project puts forward a solution to this problem. It not only collects residues, reduces forest pollution, reduces forest fire protection hazards, but also solves forest production and living use. The fuel issue provides the society with high-quality environmentally friendly energy, promotes the development of forestry industrialization, and brings economic and social benefits. In the production process of wood pellets, all mechanized operations are realized, and the whole production process is mainly based on electricity and mechanical power, without any pollution. Every year, 10,000 to 20,000 tons of logging residues in the local forest area can be used to bring 1.066 million yuan of forest clearing labor and transportation income to the local area, and to pay 538,000 yuan in taxes. It can also provide 43 relatively stable jobs for the local area, bring annual wages of 875,800 yuan to employed employees, and stimulate the development of local transportation and related service industries.

The implementation of this project complies with China's Renewable Energy Law and the Renewable Energy Development Plan and the State Forestry Administration's plan and requirements for the development of the biomass energy industry. It can provide the society with 20,000 tons of renewable clean energy every year. Really do work for building an environment-friendly society. Change the way the local and surrounding areas use coal for production and life, gradually replace coal with clean fuel wood pellets, reduce environmental pollution, and build clean forest areas. After the successful experience of the project, the 20000 tons per year completely automatic running wood pellet production line project for biomass pellets will be popularized, the industry will be bigger and stronger, and wood pellet production will become an important part of regional forestry production. Forestry production, residue cleaning, and wood pellet clean energy production will be carried out together.

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