Business plant for complete 70 ton/day horse manure organic fertilizer pellet production plant factory for Australia market

Australia is one of the most developed horse racing countries in the world, with an annual production of 16,000 horses. Whether it is from the number of horses, the number of racecourses, and the number of employees, Australia is one of the top countries One. Therefore, in Australia, horse manure is very suitable as an important raw material for organic fertilizer.

In addition, according to relevant research content, weed seeds germinated from horse dung will spread everywhere as people ride. Researchers studied the number and types of grasses spread through horse manure and found that 16 of them are classified as poisonous weeds in Australia. In other words, it is better to make comprehensive utilization of horse manure and use the made horse manure organic fertilizer particles to promote the growth of crops, which can solve ecological problems and create great social and economic benefits.

cow manure fertilizer pellet machine for sale

1. Production capacity

It produces 70 tons per day horse manure solid organic fertilizer pellets, with an annual output of 20,000 tons.

2. Construction scale

Annually produce 20,000 tons of horse manure organic fertilizer pellets, covering an area of ​​at least 20,000 square meters.

3. 70 Ton per day ce complete horse manure pellet production plant investment cost


4. The characters of the organic fertilizer granules processed by 70 ton per day horse manure pellet processing line

(1) Complete nutrients and high content. Contains various nutrients necessary for crop growth.

(2) The fertilizer effect lasts for a long time, that is, it has proactive force and aftereffect, which can fully meet the needs of various nutrients during the entire growth period of the crop, and does not lose fertilizer in the later growth period.

(3) Simple usage, one-time application of base fertilizer, simple application method, saving labor, time and effort.

(4) Low cost, the lowest price among similar products.

(5) High efficiency, input-output ratio can reach 1:10-30 or more.

(6) It has a wide range of uses and is widely applicable to all kinds of soil and various crops, including various greenhouse vegetables, fruit trees, economic crops, food crops and medicinal materials, flowers, lawns, seedlings, etc. (different formulations).

5. Factory establishment conditions

Reliability of the supply of raw materials. The main raw material is horse manure. The auxiliary materials include: peat, wood chips, straw, bean cake, hornbone meal and other wastes. The supply of surrounding materials shall not be less than 70 tons/day.

6. Production equipments needed to start 20000 tons per year horse manure fertilizer pellet making line

(1) Fermentation equipment

Number Name Quantity Power(KW)
1 Distribution conveyor 2 3
2 Accessories machine 4 2.2
3 Heat exchange coil 2 3
4 Electric reciprocating pump 4 15
5 Pre-fermentation device 1 /
6 Three-combined anaerobic fermentation device 1 /
7 Mixed warehouse 1 /
8 Rake turning machine 2 7.5
9 Water sealing can 1 /
10 Flame arrester 1 /
11 Exhaust fan 1 3
12 Biogas boiler 1 30

(2) Granulation equipment

Number Model Quantity
1 Belt conveyor 1#500 type 2
2 Belt conveyor 2#500 type 4
3 Belt conveyor 3#500 type 2
4 Type 60 organic fertilizer crushing machine 4
5 horse manure organic fertilizer pellet maker machine MZLH series 2
6 Biomass dryer for horse manure φ1.5X15m 1
7 Dryer feeding and discharging device 1
8 Organic fertilizer mixer φ1.8 2
9 Bucket elevator 1
10 Horse manure pellet cooler φ1.2X10m 1
11 Cooling machine inlet and outlet device 1
12 Grading screener machine 12
13 Finished product warehouse 1
14 Dry exhaust fan 1
15 Cooling fan 1
16 Elbows, ducts, reducers, chimneys 1
17 Packing machine 1
18 Electric control cabinet 1

animal manure fertilizer pellet machine

7. Let you know more about organic fertilizer pellets from horse manure

(1) How to get organic products?

We all pursue high-quality organic food. The peaches are delicious and the trees are difficult to grow. The key to growing healthy and high-quality organic food is the following:

①The soil is fertile

Have not used chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides for a long time, and apply healthy, synthetic organic fertilizers to the land;

②High quality water source

Far away from the place of residence and rarely polluted water sources;

③Away from big factories

Stay away from big factories to avoid all aspects of pollution;

④Convenient transportation

Ensure freshness.

(2) Raw materials for manufacturing organic fertilizer

Common organic fertilizer raw materials are: livestock manure, crop straw, green manure, cake, plant ash, sludge, domestic garbage, sewage, etc. Is it commonplace? Who would have thought: behind these almost considered wastes, the sweetness on the table can be bred?

(3) Advantages of horse manure organic fertilizer pellets

①Increase production and income

The melon is sweet and the rice is fragrant. This is our yearning for the table. Organic fertilizer is rich in organic matter, which can fully provide the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and various trace elements required for crop growth, improve the quality of agricultural products, and effectively improve the physical and chemical soil Characters, loose soil, enhance air permeability, improve soil fertility and increase production and income;

②Promote crop growth

Beneficial active bacteria reproduce rapidly, harmful microorganisms are inhibited, and the action of enzymes can promote the healthy growth of crops;

③Improve soil power

Prevent soil compaction and acidification

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