RICHI 80t/h bio-organic fertilizer production project undertaken was officially put into operation

Recently, the 80 tons per hour biomass organic fertilizer production factory project undertaken by Richi Machinery was officially delivered. As of press time, the bio-organic fertilizer pellet production line has been fully put into operation. The entire 80 tons perhour pellet processing line of RICHI has been operating stably and has been recognized and praised by the project party.

organic fertilizer ball granulator

This project is a key project of the client company based on national policies and corporate development, and is a benchmark project for sincere cooperation between RICHI and clients. This time, Richi Machinery was responsible for undertaking the project's biomass pellet plant planning and production line design and production. Relying on the technical advantages of the Ecological Environment Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the relevant technology of "livestock manure, sludge C, N, P resource recycling technology and equipment" was carried out. The transformation is implemented, using sludge biological drying/aerobic composting technology, through the degradation and transformation of organic waste by microorganisms, the organic matter is transformed into a stable humus, and the biological heat is used to reduce the moisture content of the sludge to realize the recovery of organic waste. Resource utilization.

The production capacity of 80 tons per hour bio-organic fertilizer pellets manufacturing factory project mainly uses yeast waste liquid to make organic fertilizer. The yeast waste liquid is fully mixed with the bran powder inoculants and then enters the fermentation tank. After high temperature fermentation, secondary aging, addition of beneficial functional bacteria, medium and trace multi-element ingredients, etc. Production technology, deep processing and packaging into commercial powdered bio-organic fertilizer, pellet bio-fertilizer or pellet compound microbial fertilizer. By returning the fertilizer to the field, the purpose of pollution control and efficient comprehensive utilization is achieved. The tail gas collection and treatment device equipped in the project solves the problem of fermentation. The problem of peculiar smell and dust pollution, the completion of the project has effectively solved the problem of non-point source pollution of local organic waste, and provided the market with high-quality organic fertilizer products.

granulator fertilizer plant

The development of organic fertilizer is the necessity of the situation and the inevitable development, and the replacement of chemical fertilizer by organic fertilizer is the direction in the future. China's agriculture takes the promotion of agricultural supply-side structural reforms as the main line, insists on promoting agriculture with quality, green agriculture, and continuous promotion of green development. It has implemented the "Zero Growth Action for Chemical Fertilizer Use" and the "Zero Growth Action for Pesticide Use". Organic fertilizers can effectively solve the problem. The key issues of soil acidification, reduction in organic matter content, and reduction in the number of soil microorganisms in China. By implementing organic fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers, healthy soils can be used to produce the highest quality agricultural products, and the quality and prices of agricultural products can be improved to increase farmers' income. The market will become wider and wider!

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