What is the method of feeding herring? These feed formulas can make herring grow faster

The herring usually inhabits the middle and lower layers of the water, and is naturally inactive. The main food sources are snails, mussels, clams, clams, etc., and occasionally also eat shrimp and insect larvae. Mainly distributed in China, Russia, Vietnam, Albania, Armenia, Austria, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czech Republic, Hungary, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldova, Morocco, Panama, Serbia, Slovakia, Thailand, Turkmenistan , Ukraine, the United States, Uzbekistan. In addition, herring is also one of the four traditional freshwater farmed fish species in China.

China fish herring food production equipment

Herring farming mainly feeds well. The self-formulation of herring feed can not only reduce the feeding cost, but also meet the nutrient requirements of herring at all stages. It has strong appetite, improves palatability, scientific and reasonable feed, and increases economic benefits. Let me briefly introduce the herring feed formula for your reference:

1. Fish meal 35%, bean cake 47.5%, barley meal 15%, yeast meal 2.2%, vitamin additive 0.1%, mineral additive 0.1%, probiotic additive 0.1%.

2. Hay powder 40%, silkworm pupa 30%, vegetable cake 10%, barley 19.7%, vitamin additives 0.1%, mineral additives 0.1%, probiotic additives 0.1%.

3. Fish meal 10%, bean cake 24%, rapeseed cake 15%, wheat bran 15%, barley 15%, corn 14.7%, gluten powder 6%, vitamin additives 0.1%, mineral additives 0.1%, probiotic additives 0.1 %.

4. Fish meal 5%, bean cake 35%, wheat bran 18%, corn 15%, soil surface 11.7%, yeast 5%, vegetable cake 10%, vitamin additive 0.1%, mineral additive 0.1%, probiotic additive 0.1%.

The nutritional requirements of herring are different in each stage, and scientific and reasonable feeding can make herring grow quickly. Add multi-dimensional nutritional vitamins with fish to promote growth, anti-stress, improve immunity, compound probiotics to improve intestinal flora, prevent the occurrence of intestinal diseases, improve intestinal nutrient absorption rate, improve feed utilization, enhance constitution.

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