What are the moss prevention and control methods in the early stage of the river crab pond?

River crab farming has already begun in 2020. As always, the moss problem has also caused the friends of farmers to worry about the farming. Moss is not eradicated like a curse every year,it has troubled many farmers friends. How to deal with moss is also the most frequently asked question by farming owners in recent days. Today Richi Machinery will briefly talk about the stubborn disease of moss.

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What is moss?

1. Moss is the general term for filamentous green algae (Dual Star Algae, Rotary Plate Algae, and Water Sponge), which can be divided into three major types: Water Sponge Algae, Water Net Algae, and Cladophora. It began to grow at the bottom of the shallow water, grew rapidly with the temperature rise and gradually spread out.

2. The causes of the early moss

① The pond is not drained and has accumulated water in winter, and the incomplete clearing of the pond causes the moss spores to be stored in the bottom of the pond in large quantities.

② In the early stage of breeding, due to the low temperature and other reasons, the water in the crab pond was not fertilized and the transparency of the water body was too high.

③ Planting aquatic plants, and the moss carried by the aquatic plants and the screws when putting the screws.

④The relatively shallow water level of the ring ditch is relatively low, and the usual management of the pond is usually caused by improper management of moss

3. The harm of moss

① After a large number of mosses multiply, the inorganic salts in the cultured water are consumed, so that the normal metabolism of nutrients in the pond water is destroyed, and the water quality becomes lean.

②Crab seedlings in the early stage of breeding are too weak and the moss will multiply easily, which will cause the crabs to be entangled and difficult to eat, and eventually be entangled to death.

③ After the moss dies and decomposes, it produces hydrogen sulfide and other harmful substances, which causes the water quality to become black and smelly. The low dissolved oxygen content in the water causes the death of river crab poisoning.

④ It is easy for moss to multiply and compete with water plants for nutrients in the water or wrap the water plants to cause the slow growth of water plants.

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4. How to prevent and treat moss

① Clean the pond thoroughly. After the cultivation is over, remove the excessive silt on the bottom of the pond to remove most of the moss spores on the bottom of the pond.

②Water quality of fertilization. (Nano black gold + green cool) A group of 6-8 acres start to fertilize the water quality before cultivating the water to cultivate high-quality algae in the water and form a dominant population while enhancing the transparency of the water body and inhibiting the growth of moss.

③ When planting aquatic plants and placing snails, pay attention to remove the moss carried on the aquatic plants or screws.

④ In fact, the early moss is not very effective in killing moss because of the low temperature in the early stage. It is not wise to choose moss killing when Miaozi just went to the pond. In this case, it is recommended to use grass ash with nano black gold to spread to places with more moss Twice a day has been proven by practice to have a significant effect and does not hurt grass and crab seedlings.

5. Although moss has some harm, it will also bring benefits to the crab pond:

① There is a small amount of moss in the pond, and the water is clear; no matter the wind and rain, the water color does not change; and the pond mouth with moss has almost no cyanobacteria;

② There is a small amount of moss in the pond. Crab ponds are not easy to grow insects from May to June. Even if there are insects, they will not affect the transparency of the water; they will not affect the photosynthesis of aquatic plants. Dead grass and pond failure are not easy to occur;

③ There are moss in the pond. Crab ponds do not grow cyanobacteria from June to August, even if the cyanobacteria are brought into the river water, they will not reproduce;

In summary, it can be said that as long as the moss does not grow in excess in the crab pond, it will not affect the growth of the tangkou aquatic weeds, and its advantages in the crab pond outweigh the disadvantages, which means that the moss is not killing, the key is to control. Controlling the moss is relatively simple. In fact, it is really the best way to wait for the moss to grow up and kill it again. All we need to do is to prevent the moss from exploding through fertilizers and strengthening the usual management!

6. Expand knowledge:

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