Points when purchasing equipment on a pig farm

The climate in the pig house should be stable and not affected by external temperature changes. Therefore, the pig house should be equipped with some heating and ventilation and cooling pig raising equipment to ensure the normal and healthy growth and production of the pig herd. Pay attention to the environmental sanitation in the pig house, and timely disinfect the equipment such as piglet trough, automatic feeding trough, sow trough and so on.

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1. Heating equipment

Pig house heating is divided into central heating and local heating. In central heating, a central heating device generates heat medium, and then the heat medium is transported to the radiator in the pig house through pipes to heat the air in the pig house and maintain the proper temperature in the pig house. Local heating includes hot water heating floor, electric heating plate, infrared lamp, etc.

2. Ventilation equipment

Ventilators suitable for pig farms are mostly large-diameter, low-speed, low-power ventilators. This fan has large ventilation, low noise, low power consumption and durability. Pay attention to the following issues in ventilation:

(1) Avoid short-circuiting the ventilation of the fan. The fan must not be installed on the wall. The door is below to make the air flow short-circuit;

(2) If a single-sided exhaust is used, the exhaust outlets of the adjacent pig houses on both sides should be set on the opposite side to prevent the exhausted air from being sucked in by another pig house immediately;

(3) Try to make the air flow through most of the space in the pig house, especially on the manure ditch, and don't cause dead corners to achieve the purpose of ventilation. 

3. Cooling pig farm equipment

Although ventilation is an effective means of cooling, it can only reduce the house temperature to close to the ambient temperature outside the house. When the ambient temperature outside the house is greater than the maximum limit temperature of pig production (27~30℃), At the same time, cooling measures should be taken to ensure that the room temperature is controlled within an appropriate range.

Now the commonly used cooling systems in pig farms include wet curtain-fan cooling system, spray cooling system, spray cooling system and drip cooling system. Because the latter three cooling systems have high humidity, they are not suitable for farrowing houses and breeding houses. The wet curtain-fan cooling system is currently the most mature evaporative cooling system. Its evaporative cooling efficiency can reach 75~90%, and it has gradually been widely used all over the world.   

4. Disinfection equipment

Commonly used on-site cleaning and disinfection equipment for pig farms include high-pressure cleaners, flame disinfection and knapsack sprayers. The best effect can be achieved when the flame sterilizer is used in conjunction with the medicine disinfection. After the medicine is used for disinfection, the flame sterilizer is used for disinfection, and the sterilization can reach more than 95%. 

5. Cleaning equipment

In order to keep the pens clean and hygienic and reduce manual cleaning, modern pig farms generally lay feces leaking floors on the feces and urine ditch. After pigs urinate on the feces leaking floor, the urine flows into the ditch through the gaps, and the feces fall onto the feces leaking floor. After being stepped on, it will automatically fall into the ditch below, so as to avoid the contact between pigs and feces, which is beneficial to prevent and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

According to its laying range in the pig pen, the slatted floor is divided into two forms: full leakage and partial leakage. The farrowing pen and nursery pen raised on the high bed should adopt the full leakage floor, and the pig pen raised on the ground Generally, partial leakage floor (1/3~1/2 leakage floor) is used. The draining pond area for pigs is a leaky floor, while the feeding and resting area is a solid ground. 

The key technical parameters of the dung leakage floor are the width of the dung leakage. The width of the sluice is too small, the leakage rate is low, and the leakage effect is poor; the width is too large, causing the pig's trotter to slip into the slat and cause serious hoof leg injuries. Fecal leakage floors come in various shapes, generally made of blocks, strips or nets. The materials used are cement, metal, plastic, etc.

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