Meat donkey feed is cleverly matched with donkey meat and good quality

In the process of growth and development of meat donkeys, in order to maintain their own health, they can effectively exert the production potential of donkeys and accelerate the growth and development stage of donkeys. Meat donkeys at different growth stages require different levels of nutrition during the fattening period. Donkey feed additives are rich in vitamins, strengthen nutrient absorption, prevent the lack of trace elements, keep them in the best health condition, and exert great growth potential.

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1. Green rough collocation  

Generally, roughage contains less carotene and low phosphorus content, while the content of green juicy feed and germinated feed is higher, and the content of calcium and phosphorus in bone meal is higher. Therefore, when feeding meat donkeys in winter and spring, appropriate amount of bone meal, green and juicy feed, such as cabbage leaves, radish tassels, carrots and sprouting feed, should be supplemented to meet the nutritional needs of meat donkeys. 

2. Fine and coarse collocation

Rough fodder, especially straw and husk, has less net energy content and larger volume. It is the basic feed for growth, fattening, labor, and milk production of donkeys, but these feeds cannot meet the nutritional needs of meat donkeys. Feed a certain amount of concentrate, such as cornmeal, cake feed, and bran.

3. Coarse group matching  

When feeding the meat donkey with coarse fodder, pay attention to the adjustment and use, and do not use a single forage to feed the meat donkey. Feeding meat donkeys with wheat straw for a long time can lead to rumen achalasia of cattle and sheep and indigestion of equine animals.

4. Chopped and roasted

The thick and hard part of the lower part of the straw should be cut to make fuel. The upper part of the straw can be cut into about 3 cm for feeding cattle, and about 1.5 cm for feeding equines and sheep. If it is used for feeding meat donkeys, then Use a crusher to crush first. To feed meat donkeys with husks, put the husks in a large pot and fry them until they turn yellow, then crush them for feeding.

Meat donkey feed formula

1. Quick fattening of meat donkey and self-adjustment of refined feed:

(1) Corn 29.7, soybean cake 30%, highland barley 10%, wheat bran 10%, trace element 10%, protein powder 5%, wolfberry powder 5%, vitamin 0.1%, mineral 0.1%, probiotic 0.1%.

(2) Corn 64%, wheat bran 8%, soybean meal 27.7%, vitamin 0.1%, mineral 0.1%, probiotics 0.1%.

(3) Corn 63%, soybean meal 23.7%, fried soybeans or black beans 13%, vitamins 0.1%, minerals 0.1%, probiotics 0.1%.

(4) 62% corn, 6% wheat bran, 19.7% soybean meal, 12% peanut cake, 0.1% vitamins, 0.1% minerals, and 0.1% probiotics.

(5) Corn 60%, wheat bran 5%, soybean meal 19.7%, rapeseed cake 15%, vitamin 0.1%, mineral 0.1%, probiotics 0.1%.

(6) 58% corn, 21.7% bean cake, 12% fried soybeans or black beans, 8% wheat bran, 0.1% vitamins, 0.1% minerals, and 0.1% probiotics.

2. Self-mixing of fattening feed for meat donkeys during adaptation period:

50% soybean meal plus cotton kernel cake, 29% cornmeal, 19.7% wheat bran, 1% salt, 0.1% vitamins, 0.1% minerals, and 0.1% probiotics.

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