How to feed donkeys to get income?

The main reason for raising donkeys in fancy is that the price is high, which gives people the impression that donkeys have less disease, good palatability, and better income than cattle raising. They are very suitable for breeding in rural areas. Donkeys are better to raise than other breeding, but they are also Breeding technology is needed, no matter what technology is the most important, the cause of failure is often technical. For example, casualties may lose several thousand yuan, and if the feed is too old to affect the later profit, what are the technical problems in raising donkeys in rural areas? The following editor of Donkey Raising Service will explain a few technical issues about donkey raising.

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1. Feed matching

Although the palatability of donkeys is good, it does not mean that everything can be eaten. Vegetables and grasses are generally not allowed to feed because they can easily cause diarrhea. Of course, except for carrots, donkeys are difficult to absorb green feed. Unless they are usually stocked, silage feeding is also fattening The most common donkey feed is corn grass, peanut seedlings, sweet potato seedlings, alfalfa grass, corn stalks, soybean stalks, etc. This is coarse material, which should be matched with corn flour, bran, salt, bean cake, etc. Concentrates, and premixes should be added according to the cost. Because of the high price, we don't recommend using too much, but it is also indispensable. Adding a small amount can increase the condition and growth cycle of the donkey.

2. Deworming

Actually, the most common type of donkey is scabies mites. The fur is shed piece by piece. Due to the parasitic biting of the mites, the donkey has poor fat condition and bad spirits. The key to the price of the donkey is the appearance of the donkey. It is very vivid and the final benefit, which is also valued by many people. When it comes to deworming, it sounds simple, but deworming has surface coating, oral and injection, and some farmers don't even know where to get injections, and there are ingredients for oral administration. There are also canned clothes. Of course, it is more effective to repel worms on the body surface. However, if there are worms in the body, it needs injection. All poultry and livestock will have worms and need to be repelled. Donkeys are not listed because of environmental problems. Many, the surface temperature of poultry and livestock is higher than that of the ground and it is easy to parasitize the body surface, and most of the insects in the body enter the body through feed and drinking water. There may be in the food trough and the sink, so farmers must maintain hygiene.

3. Donkey disease

Many people think that donkeys can't get sick. That's a wrong idea. As long as they eat, as long as they are living things, they are bound to get sick, but donkeys are less sick because donkeys have strong resistance and are not easy to get sick, except for insects. The first problem with raising donkeys in rural areas is that there are no veterinary pharmacies in many rural areas, even in county towns. If you get sick, you need to travel a long way to buy, even considering the time and distance. If you get sick today, you need to buy tomorrow. This may delay treatment. Therefore, the loss of rural livestock breeding is mainly due to the casualties caused by the failure to prevent and control in time. The loss, and almost every farmer has experienced it, so some essential medicines must be stored in advance in the process of raising donkeys, and more knowledge about donkey diseases must be learned, because many veterinarians sell veterinary drugs for business, even if they have some experience , But little contact or no breeding experience, and the farmers’ expressions are not clear, the treatment will not be in place, so it is important to learn practical donkey disease prevention techniques through the Internet or other farmers.

4. How to choose breeds for breeding donkeys?

There are actually many varieties of donkeys.But the market is more popular in both breeding and fattening. Donkeys, Texas donkeys grow faster and have a high rate of meat production. The key is the high utilization rate of donkey-hide gelatin. The aconite donkey is also an improved breed in the Texas donkey period. If you choose donkeys, you should buy more than 300 kilograms. Don't feel that small donkeys are cheap. I always thought that the small ones are cheaper in the livestock industry. In fact, the small ones are the seedlings in the breeding industry. The seedlings are definitely more expensive than the big ones. The bigger the cheaper the truth, the truth has been said for decades, but novices and even veterans don’t understand, choose a heavier donkey. The main thing is to shorten the breeding cycle and reduce the cost of breeding. The other is strong resistance. The price of a donkey is so high. The casualties of a small donkey can be huge. If you are fattening, of course a smaller donkey is fine, but for breeding, you still have to choose a larger donkey.

Donkey breeding is very simple, and there are not many main technologies. Compared with the technical problems of raising donkeys such as raising pigs and sheep, it can be said to be the simplest. Technology is of course very important. If you raise donkeys to make money or not make money, you will certainly not raise them. In order to ensure success, you must master the technology first.

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5.How to breed meat donkeys to have better benefits?

(1) Sales of donkey meat

The sales channel of meat donkeys is a very important part of the benefit of raising donkeys, that is, before raising donkeys, be sure to know where the meat donkeys will be sold after raising them, and what the price of the place you consulted is. It is a very critical place. Generally, the meat donkeys after the slaughter are sold to some small companies or individual slaughterhouses, and the market price is relatively low, so the profit of our farmers is suppressed.

(2) Make full use of agricultural and sideline products

To low-cost and high-yield, agricultural and sideline products must be fully utilized. This includes cottonseed cake (meal), rapeseed cake (meal), distiller's grains, sugar residue, sugar cane tail, beet residue, peel, etc. It is the energy and protein feed for meat donkeys, which can be increased from 5% in the fattening donkey diet It is not negligible to reduce the proportion of corn and other grain feeds to 15%, which can greatly reduce the cost of breeding.

(3)Adjust the ration formula closely following the changes in market requirements

Hong Kong meat donkeys are the main channel of live donkey sales in China. In the past 20 years, the weight standard for live donkeys has increased from 500 kg to 800 kg, but the number of donkeys has dropped from 200,000 per year to about 60,000. Although the donkey slaughter rate has increased and the grade has improved, the estimated output of donkey meat has dropped from 32,000 tons to 16,000 tons. This is the performance of Aomei's high-quality donkey meat increasingly occupying the Hong Kong market. In our country’s shelf donkey market, the weight of donkeys purchased has risen from 300 jin to 400 jin. A large number of donkeys in rural areas are relatively small, ranging from 300 jin to 600 jin. In this way, the increase in fattening by fattening households has increased from 0.8 jin in the past. , Rose to 1.5 kg.

The fattening donkey feed formula must be changed. The quantity and grade of donkey meat required by major cities have also changed dramatically. For example, the fat donkey hot pot slices in Beijing, the ingredients for roast donkey steak in Shanghai, and the raw materials for donkey meat in Guangzhou all require top-quality donkey meat. Because it does not pursue live weight, small yellow donkeys in the north and south can also be used, but it has become the consensus of entrepreneurs to fatten and produce high-end donkey meat. The marble pattern of donkey meat is better, so the proportion of concentrate in the diet has been increased from 40% to 75% , Even higher. The fattening period has been extended from 90 days to 140 days, the cost has increased, and high-tech nutrition is required.

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