Maintenance technology of fan in chicken house in winter

In the cold winter, the use of chicken house heaters is very important. The following editor will introduce the maintenance technology of chicken house heater equipment. 

5tph chicken feed line with its accessory accessories

1. Maintenance of heater

(1) Maintenance of heater motor. The power support personnel of the chicken farm check the operation of the motor, add high-temperature butter to the bearing of the motor, and check whether the circuit is abnormal.

(2) The heater water supply pipeline. Check whether the water supply pipe filter is clean, check whether the pipe valve is leaking or the opening and closing is smooth, and whether the heat sink of the heater is blocked.

(3) Signal debugging of the heater. Because the wet curtain in summer is out of service, it is necessary to connect the signal line of the heater to ensure that the thermostat can provide a signal to start the heater.

2. Fan maintenance

(1) Maintenance of fan motor. The power support personnel of the chicken farm shall check the operation of the motor and observe whether there is abnormal vibration during the operation of the motor. If a problem is found, the bearing should be replaced or butter should be added in time.

(2) Maintenance of fan bearings. Add butter to the fan bearing and check the running condition of the bearing. If the bearing reaches the limit of use, it should be replaced in time. Because the accumulative running time of the frequency conversion fan or the first-stage fan is much longer than that of other fans, it is recommended to replace the fan bearing directly to ensure future operation. Reduce the frequency of failures.

(3) Check the belt and pulley. If the belt has reduced hardness, corrosion, fiber breakage or cracks, it means that the belt has been damaged and cannot be used continuously and needs to be replaced in time. If the outer edge of the belt is still lower than the outer edge of the pulley when replacing the new belt, it indicates that the pulley is severely worn and needs to be replaced.

(4) Inspection of fan shutters. Mainly check whether the shutter opening and closing device is normal, check the tightness of the shutter, if the airtight is not good, it must be cleaned and repaired.

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