Key points of summer feed storage

In summer, there is a lot of rain and high temperature. The powdery mixed feed is easy to mold and deteriorate. If you use moldy feed to feed livestock and poultry, the milder will get sick, and the severer will cause poisoning and death, causing economic losses. Today, I will introduce several ways to store feed in summer: 

animal feed mill in animal feed production line

1, Hypoxia anti-mold method

The feed is sealed and stored in a plastic bag, and the respiration of microorganisms is used to cause hypoxia in the bag to inhibit the growth of mold.

2, Calcium (sodium) propionate anti-mold method

Add 100 grams of calcium propionate to every 100 kilograms of feed. The method is: first mix a small amount of feed and propionic acid (sodium) evenly, then add a large amount of feed, mix well and store in a dry cement pool or plastic bag. This method can prevent mold for more than 100 days.

3. Drying and anti-mold method

The warehouse where the feed is kept must be dry. There should be a 15-20 cm high bottom under the feed, and there should be gaps above and around to keep the air unblocked.

4, Acetic acid anti-mold method

Mix 2 parts of acetic acid and 1 part of sodium acetate, then add 1% sorbitol, stir well, and mix it into the feed at a ratio of 1% after drying. This method can ensure that the feed will not be moldy for 2 months.

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How to make animal pellet feed?

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