How to use cattle feed?

As for cattle feed, there are various types of feed on the market, including pellets, concentrates, premixes, additives, etc. According to statistics, 70% of the breeding cost comes from feed, so how to choose feed is very important , It is related to the success or failure of breeding. There are two ways for farmers to use feed, one is to buy feed directly and the other is self-feeding. According to different breeding scales, breeding cost control, and local raw materials, farmers choose different feeds, and there will be different cattle feed formula tables.

situation analysis for cattle and poultry feed plant proposal

1. Cattle feed pellets do not need to be matched. Farmers choose quality-guaranteed manufacturers, buy them and feed directly, and feed freely.(Related info:how to making animal feed pellets for cattle cows)

2. Cow concentrated feed, also known as protein supplement feed, is prepared from protein feed, mineral feed and additive premix. When farmers use it, add a certain proportion of energy feed (corn, wheat, Sorghum, etc.) has become a complete feed that meets the nutritional needs of animals.

3. Cattle premix, which is an intermediate compound feed product made by mixing one or more trace components with diluent or carrier according to the required ratio and uniformly mixing. Farmers need not only energy feeds (corn, wheat, sorghum, etc.), but also protein feeds (soybean meal, cotton meal, etc.) in order to make a nutritious feed.

Comparison of several feeds:

Cattle pellets are convenient, no local raw materials are required, and the cost is high; cattle concentrates are second, corn and wheat and other energy feeds are better to buy; cattle premixes require protein feeds that can be purchased locally, the quality is easy to control, and the cost also easy to control.

When making selections, farmers should consider the local raw materials, cost, scale and other aspects comprehensively, and choose a feed that suits them and meets their own cattle feed formula table.

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