How to build easy to handle 10TPH stable performance biomass wood pellet production line in Indonesia?

How to build easy to handle complete 10 TPH stable performance biomass wood pellet production line in Indonesia?Indonesia is located in the southern part of the Asian continent. According to the geographic description, Indonesia lies in a tropical region which makes its climate tropical. In a tropical climate, region forests grow very fast which makes that region suitable for agriculture and plantation.

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1.How to make wood pellets with high quality complete 10tph capacity biomass fuel pellet production line in Indonesia?

(1)Process flow of 10 ton per hour complete biomass wood pellet making plant in Indonesia

Usually, the biomassraw materials could be processed in to wood pellets after going through the following procedures, such as grinding, drying, pelletizing, cooling, screening, and packaging.

①Grinding: When using wood-based materials, size reduction technology is an important consideration in pelletization because size reduction determines, to a great extent, the operating, maintenance, and lifecycle costs of other equipment in the line, such as the ring die biomass wood pellet mills. If the materials are not sized properly when it reaches the mill, the die need not only act as a forming device, but also as a sizing device, which will greatly decrease the die life and increases energy consumption.

②Dying: Well, then the moisture content is another factor decides the quality of wood pellets. All the raw materials should be dried to the desired moisture content which is around 8-10 % for if the moisture content is too low, the raw materials cannot be pelletized into pellets and if too high, the raw materials make block the die hole of the high performance wood pellet machine for biomass pellets, and the pellets produced will have low combustion rate and poor quality.

③Pelletizing: When the raw materials have been sized and dried in a desirable conditions, comes the pelletization. Biomass industrial wood pellet press machine apply pressure to force the raw materials through holes that shape the pellets. Pressure and friction are used to increase the temperature of the wood, which in turn allows the lignum to soften and the wood fibers to be reshaped into pellets. The compression of the biomass wood pellet maker machine directly decides the density of the pellets. So the higher the quality of the hot products ring die biomass wood pellet machine for biomass is, the better the quality of biomass wood waste pellets will be.

④Cooling: After pelletizaion, the pellets leave the low consumption biomass wood pellet machine, they are air-cooled, the lignums solidify, and the pellet is formed.

⑤Screening: To screen the biomass energy pellets means to reduce the fines, which not only recycle the raw materials lowering the production cost but also reduce the sinter in the ash after burning? The amount of fines should preferably be declared for each bulk delivery, and is measured at the final point in the 10t/h biomass pellet factory production process. Fines should preferably be less than 1% by weight.

⑥Packaging: Biomass pellets can be packaged in bulk and bags according to industrial purpose, however, the bags are preferred for pellets in bags tend to have less fines than those delivered in bulk.

(2)Main Machines needed in hot sale easy operation 10T/H biomass wood pellet processing line for Indonesia market

Name Model QTY Power(kw)(AMOUNT)
Belt conveyors PDS650 4 12
Buffer bin 2m³ 4 /
New condition high efficiency wood crusher for sawdust SFSP66*80 4 300
Cyclone ф1000 4 5000
Pulse dust collector TBLMa.36b 4 /
Draught fan  9-19-5.6a 4 44
Air lock GF.24 8 8.8
Pneumatic three-way YSTZ27A 4 /
U-screw conveyor TLSSU32 2 6
Widely used wood sawdust rotary dryer  ф2400*100000 *3 Layer 2 60
Bucket elevator TDTG60/23 1 3
U-Screw conveyor TLSSU40 1 3
Anti-caking equipment MZLH-520 4 6
Biomass wood pelletizer equipment MZLH-520 4 528
Belt conveyor PDS-500 1 3
Cooling machine SKLN20*20 1 1.5
Vibrating screener TDZS100 1 0.18
MCC Control Center ;Mimic control panel  / 1 from 22 kw for star triangle start, main electric components are delixi brand
Ring die(parts) M-520S 20 /
Roller shell(parts) M-520R 40 /
Roller assemble(parts) M-520RS 16 /
Screener(parts) SFSP66*80-S 80 /
Hammers SFSP66*80-S 40 /

(3)Best price of 10 Ton per hour large capacity heavy duty wood pellet line for biomass energy pellets in Indonesia market

Hot selling good quality 10 ton per hour large scale complete biomass wood pellet line price is usually between 250000USD-1400000USD.

Note: The equipment configuration of the above scheme is customized by us for a customer. According to customer needs, the scheme does not include equipment such as packaging scales. No matter what your needs are, we will provide you with private customized services and provide you with low cost high return 10 ton per hour biomass pelletizing plant solutions.

wood pellet plant layout

2.Biomass Energy Industry Prospects in Indonesia

Indonesia is well known for its wealth of wood and palm oil. This gives it a great market potential for wood/sawdust pellets production, palm fiber pellets production and palm oil processing.

In Indonesia plantation of a palm tree, rubber tree, coconut tree, and sugarcane is a very high level. As their production capacity is counted in millions every year till now date. Basic production of palm, rice, rubber tree, coconut tree, and sugar cane gives a big amount of residue which is actually a biomass. And this huge amount of biomass in Indonesia is an appropriate resource for producing biomass energy.

Main biomass resources in Indonesia are rice residue, palm oil residue, palm tree wood, sugar mill residue, veneer residues, and plywood residues. Apart from these main resources, there are many more sources from which biomass is generated in Indonesia that is logging residues, sawn residues, and agricultural residues. We can include municipal waste also because developing nation like Indonesia has lower and middle class living so the count of municipal residue is also high.

3.Biomass Energy Waste Resources in Indonesia

In Indonesia, palm trees are grown for industrial purpose only. As palm oil is used for cooking, cosmetics, industry, fuel, and export. So residue from palm oil tree is very high in a quantity which creates a big amount of biomass which is useful for generating biomass energy. Another source is palm oil wood which is of no use for any other products because it is poor in quality and its durability is very bad. So it is mainly used for making wood pellets. And wood pellets have very high demand in international market mainly from Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, and the USA.

(1)Biomass wood pellets(Read more:design of ce complete wood pellet production plant)

In fact, Indonesia gets financial benefits from exporting of wood pellets every year. Factors which makes Indonesia a big source of biomass There are many factors which makes Indonesia a big producer of biomass some of them are:

①Availability of labor at cheaper cost.

②Easy availability of raw material with lower cost.

③Automatic wood pellet machines which reduce material waste.

④High-quality machines reduce production cost and increase efficiency.

⑤The demand for biomass generated pellets in the local and international market.

⑥Plenty of raw material available all around the nation.

(2)Biomass EFB Pellets(Read more:design of ce complete efb pellet manufacturing plant)

If we see in over all the potential of Indonesia is very high in the production of biomass. Every year it is counted in millions and approximately it is going to increase in next two years more and more because as per environmentalists palm oil farm becomes useless for any other farming and to meet environment challenge more trees are to be replanted every year to stop the land from getting a barrel.

And replantation of palm oil tree means more and more palm oil and palm oil residue. More palm oil wood and more production of wood pellets which is a good source of biomass energy.

Indonesia business houses from worldwide are investing just because of its palm oil tree and biomass potential of them. As they can easily count profit from Indonesia. Palm is in demand worldwide and because of biomass energy in Indonesia processing is palm oil is cheap and easily available.

factory sale new design biomass fuel sawdust pellet production line

4.RICHI China factory supply customized biomass wood pellet line project in Indonesia

(1)Name: 1-2T/H Biomass Fuel Wood Pelleting Production Line in Indonesia

Date:June 15th,2018

Total Power:229KW

Workshop size about this project:20m*10m*15m(L*W*H)

Raw materia:Wood Sawdust

Pellet Size:8mm Wood Pellet

(2)Name:2-2.5T/H turn-key biomass pellet plant in Indonesia

Date:December 22th,2019

Total Power:305KW

Workshop size about this project:29m*19m*21m(L*W*H)

Raw materia:Wood chips and wood shavings

(3)Name: high quality 3-4 ton per hour wood hammer mill crusher for sale in Indonesia

Date:June 2020

Total Power:30KW

Raw materia:Wood wastes

China professional machinery complete wood pellet production line price

Today Indonesia stands among big nations when the biomass potential of each nation is measured. Another reason of biomass potential of Indonesia is local people as in Indonesia even today local people live a life of normal middle class or if we compare to the developed nation they are at the lower level of living and this reduced labor costs in Indonesia and made raw material and less expensive. In Indonesia biomass is not only scattered in particular area but it is scattered all over the country and biggest sources are Kalimantan, Sumatera, Sulawesi, and lrian Jaya. These are the areas from where the big source of biomass is available and these are the places where biomass is kept to use for different purposes. This now clearly shows that Indonesia has biomass potential and in upcoming years Indonesia can compete for big nations in biomass production and its usage.

If you are planning to set up a 10 ton per hour easy to use ce biomass fuel wood pellet manufacturing factory in Indonesia and need suggestions about the business plan, plant design and equipment selection , don't hesitate to get in touch with Richi Machinery——China biomass pellet production line manufacturer!

If you want to built one complete pellet production line in your country, pls send the inquiry to us. We will customized design according to your requirement.

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