How important is water temperature to the pig farm?

Will the temperature of pig drinking water affect the growth performance of pigs? Most pig farmers have ignored this issue, thinking that the temperature difference in southern weather is small and there is no need to consider water temperature. However, some experts pointed out that southern pig farms should also pay attention to that too high drinking water temperature in summer can easily cause heat stress and sow abortion. In winter, too low drinking water temperature can easily cause cold stress to piglets and cause diarrhea. The most suitable temperature of drinking water should be controlled at 20-25 degrees.

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1. Why does water temperature affect pigs?    

Many farmers do not pay attention to the temperature of pig drinking water. Some pig farms expose their pools and water pipes to the sun. The water temperature is too high in summer and cold wind in winter. Breeders should know that too high or too low water temperature is detrimental to the growth and development of pigs.  

According to expert research, there are two structures in pigs that are different from humans. The first is the heat dissipation system. There are 5 million sweat glands on humans, which can dissipate heat through sweating. Pigs’ sweat glands are underdeveloped. There are only 50 sweat glands in an area of ​​one square meter, and they can only dissipate heat through drinking and urination. In addition, there is the structure of subcutaneous fat. There is a double layer of fat under the pig's skin, which is thicker and has a much stronger heat insulation effect than humans, so the heat stress is more obvious. Now farmers understand why the water temperature has such a big impact on pig health.  

2. The importance of drinking water temperature in pig farms     

For pigs, drinking water is more important than food, and inappropriate water temperature can easily cause various stresses in pigs. Severe stress in pigs first affects feed intake. In the early stage of stress, feed intake decreases, and water consumption will not decrease. Just like people catch a cold, doctors will recommend drinking more water.     

For big pigs, the suitable temperature for drinking water is 16-25 degrees, while for pigs with thin skin, the temperature is higher than 25 degrees, and sows are between 20-25 degrees. Large pigs are more susceptible to heat stress, while young pigs are susceptible to cold stress. If the temperature is too low, the piglet will have diarrhea. If the temperature is too high, the digestive capacity of the big pig will decrease, the spleen and stomach will be damaged, and the sow will easily abort. Many sows in pig farms miscarried inexplicably, thinking it was a disease, but in fact the water temperature was too high.

After piglets are weaned, it is extremely important to drink enough water in the first 2 weeks, because eating high-protein feed requires a higher amount of water to excrete excess nitrogen, so as to ensure feed intake and reduce morbidity . For sows, to ensure milk production and feed intake, sufficient drinking water is also required. Lack of drinking water can also cause pigs to accumulate toxins and increase the incidence of disease.    

3. Suggestions on the construction of drinking water facilities for pig farms    

It is best to bury the drinking water pipes of pig farms one meter deep in the ground and avoid exposure to sunlight. The water pipe material is made of iron, which can be laid in the pig house and walk along the inner wall. For pig farms that use reservoirs, electric heating panels can be installed in the water tower in winter to heat the drinking water when the ambient temperature is too low. The water temperature is suitable. 

Proper water temperature is one of the important conditions to ensure that pigs can drink enough water. Too high water temperature in summer will seriously affect the drinking water of pigs. Therefore, the water supply system introduced from the water tower to the pig house should be insulated and protected from heat, and the water pipes should not be exposed to the summer sun. Otherwise, it will cause the water temperature in the water pipe to rise and affect the health of the pigs.

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